Ipoh gurdwara lodge police report on alleged vandalism, banner burning

| Ipoh, Malaysia | 22 Feb 2017 | Asia Samachar |
BANNER BURNING: A grab from a video on purported banner burning at Gurdwara Sahib Greentown in Ipoh, Malaysia. Bottom right: Lembah Jaya gurdwara – PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR

Police are investigating an alleged act of vandalism and banner burning at a gurdwara in Ipoh, the state capital of Perak.

It is believed to be related to an incident where a few Sikh youth were seen bringing down a Sikh-event banner and then burning it — all captured on a video recording shared on the Youtube – at Gurdwara Sahib Greentown on Sunday (19 Feb 2017).

“We have lodged a police report on the incident,” Greentown gurdwara management committee (GMC) secretary Daaljit Singh tells Asia Samachar.

The report was lodged by the gurdwara deputy president Jagit Singh.

It is believed that the incident was linked to an earlier brouhaha at Gurdwara Sahib Lembah Jaya in Ampang, Selangor. At least one of the persons seen in the video was believed to be a family member of a person involved in the Lembah Jaya event.

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On 12 Feb 2017, two Sikhs were ejected from the Lembah Jaya gurdwara. In the incident, a Sikh youth was alleged to have stood up and disrupted an on-going sermon by an invited speaker Dr Karminder Singh by loudly saying the Sikh greeting before proceeding to speak. He was escorted out of the darbar sahib by a GMC member.

It is understood that the youth had lodged a police report after the incident.

In the Greentown incident report, Jagit claimed that four turbaned Punjabi youth had arrived at the gurdwara compound in Ipoh in a red car, and proceeded to take down a banner, and then burnt it in the gurdwaras car park.

The banner is connected to religious programme in collaboration with the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC), the report added.

The actions at the Sikh place of worship has raised anger amongst Sikhs, it added.

The banner was promoting the slogan Ek Granth Ek Panth Ek Maryada mooted by the MGC, a body which represents most of the 120 gurdwaras in Malaysia.

MGC has organised a series of nationwide talks on the slogan, mostly delivered by Dr Karminder, a senior Malaysian civil servant and a member of MGC’s religious advisory board.

In the video clip showing the purported burning of the banner at the Ipoh gurdwara, one of the youth involved could also be overheard asking Dr Karminder to ‘stop what you have been doing’.

The video was entitled ‘Against Ek Granth Ek Panth Ek Maryada’.

The Greentown gurdwara was formerly known as Gurdwara Sahib Ashby Road.


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  1. It is unfortunate that some youth may have taken such an approach to deliver their point. However as an observer of both sides it seems evident that none have actually spent time to educate themselves of the many granths recognised by the panth. No one contests that my Guru Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is not the guru of the sikhs. The argument is about the dismissal of our many granths (a Granth is a compilation of writings). Policies from committees that prevent open discussion, banning or performing research on a Granth is a sure fire way to dilute the intelligence of your sikhs in your areas of management. We are one panth, but our panth is so beautiful because it has many sampardas and hence many maryadas. The compilation of the rehat maryada never at any point discounted the maryadas of the many sampardas who took part in the preparation of the document. It was simply a base point. In the army you have forces of many disciplines. All still have to go through basic training but they then are placed on a specific discipline that works for them and nurtures them to become a pilot, tank commander, riflemen, sailor etc. Immature comments by one side calling a compilation “porno book” clearly shows how much research has been conducted reading REAL academic journals and books written by historians such as Bhai vir Singh and more or even modern PhD holders in Sikh studies such as Dr Kamalroop Singh. Both sides don’t seem to want to discuss findings in history, policies implemented post Anglo Sikh wars, purpose of the collective maryada, etc. A simple study of language etymology would tell you that charitro pakhyan means ‘tales of character’. A collection of tales to educate the mind of situations that many youth today face. They were not meant to be taken as fact(see dict for ‘tales’). As such this makes claims made by many who have never read the entirety of dasam Granth to make comments about lewd acts done by the guru in dasam Granth completely immature, disrespectful and invalid. Any individual who is able to rise above their passions to understand the message of character given in each charitro will understand and learn from it just as you would doing a management case study in a university. However those obsessed with carnal thoughts can’t see beyond that to absorb any knowledge of human character and to learn to mould our minds for our betterment. I hope anyone who reads, regardless of which side you are on to take time to understand the facts academically and not just reading random individuals blog posts online. If an individual is unable to provide real credible theories, facts or relevant supporting evidence to his claims then that person is clearly just out to play his own ego pleasing game. I can agree with EK Panth, EK Guru. Not EK Granth or EK maryada. As these clearly show the lack of any real historical research done by advisory boards who created this slogan. Please don’t turn my beautiful perfect gurus Sikhi into some fanatical system of belief. There can be many maryadas as long as they are in accordance to gurmat. The Khalsa is the force of the the sovereign. Their role was to ensure harmony within all the sampardas and other religions to promote growth in society. Do your part and stop fighting over things that are only damaging the Sikh youth psyche. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

  2. Gursharan Singh February 24, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    “Gursharan Singh Ji says,Can some one advise on how to end this animosity which will probably conyinue to divide the Sanggat?
    It appears that in that personal ego (hankaar) has overtaken reason and side thinks failure to refund may mean defeat. In such cases there are no winners but only…”

    Indeed, Gursharan ji, the winner has to be and only can be the Guru Granth sahib, and over that there is no negotiation nor debate.

    Let us look at the facts–

    1]Prior to June, 2016, In Malaysia, most people, nay 99% of individuals probably never heard of the book-Bachiter Natak,regarded by majority Sikhs worldwide as 60% porno literature, and most did not even know it existed as a torn in the side of the Panth since 1895/Two major Rehat maryadas took place in 1913, and later in 1927 onwards, where the World panth was involved in its preparation, discussion and implementation.This BN was never even a remote party in his discussions.

    2]First Gurduara goes up in Malaysia since abt 1864.from then till today our fore fathers never associated this foul book to presence in Gurduaras or within the system of SRM.

    3]The Panth, over the years, when ever any question was raised has continually, clarified that this book is not Guru writings, nor recognises it as Guru kirt.

    4]It is part of Punjabi literature, and that is all it remains.This book since its introduction in 1769 as poetry by Sukha Singh ,has been rejected, and remains rejected.It was also corrected by a man.


    From 1708, the Panth has committed, believed and entrusted it’s future to the ONE-EK Granth-Guru Granth sahib in all aspect of living and survival and struggle in this world.

    1708, 1808, 1908, 2008,leads to four hundered and abt 7 years without anyone challenging or levelling the authority of the Guru Granth sahib.This is well entrenched in Sikh history.

    Suddenly a mentally destable individual in June 2016 floats an anti Sikh, anti Guru idea,anti Maryada and claims lies to support his baseless fake theory, having brainwashed sadly, a section of the youth, by falsehood cultism.Now you think this matter is for negotiation?

    Negotiation with an anti Sikh, anti Guru and anti national maryada crackpot?

    Yes, I agree the hankaar-self over blotted ego, lies, and fake stories that he created- he cannot back off from now.He created his own stupidity, he needs to sort himself out of the stupidity.

    He needs to return to reality, and stop being dead end clod, stop being anti Guru Gobind Singh, anti panthic and anti maryada.

    I do not think, it is at all about sides, it is about supporting the One Sikh Unity concept -through our One Guru Granth One Guru and one maryada.This concept started from Guru Nanak, and it is NOT something new.The panth has used such slogans in past.

    This misleds have been since last few years trying every thing, in the mistaken belief.

    Even for a second, if we accept, it may be “written” , who is this ONE ego filled, misled, lying individual think he is, to toss upon the Panth?

    The Guru said, about some of his writing, it is NOT to be included into the Guru Granth, it is for play and threw what ever it was into the water, WHO does this misled, mis- behaving individual is that behaving as Guru Gobind Singh, to order the panth to sat a porno filled book along side the Guru Granth?

    Stop beating about the bush with disunity. We know where this cancerous disease grew from.We all know, who germinated the seed of disunity, we know who lied to the Sikhs of Malaysia and tried to mislead them with false hukamnamas, you tubes, and misjointed shabads.We know who lies about Sikh history to mislead people.We know who wants to divide our loyalty from Guru Granth sahib to a fake book, all in the name falsehood.WE know the trash that has collected around due to his lies,cooked up stories.WE know foreign organisations that are funding him and such parchar to divide the Sikhs.

    Are you suggesting we negotiate with such oxy-morons and place the panth into his hands for the sake of false unity?

    There is ONLY one way, revert back to the Guruship of soley GURU GRANTH.

    That is the only way forward,the greater panth is watching , and will respond such bad minded individuals with RSS funding.

    With the removal of crooked politicans , things are going to change in the next few weeks against this fake book.Be assured.


    Fauji Chacha: Asia Samachar this is bravery act done by these boys. A great salute to their bravery. I would say their inner self are still alive not like those called themselves as Sikhs but afraid of even speaking the truth. Sikhs r known of their bravery. Sikhs r not cowards.

    Shiv Anurag Rogi: Fudu chucchu , dont be too embolden….you will be faced , then you would NOT know where you would run.You were seen scared when facing ONE HERO Harbans Singh.These are actions of cowards and traitors buring Guru shabad and damaging Gurduara property.You are lucky fudu, you have come this far.


    Gardev Singh: I only know:-
    Sri Guru Granth Sahib..
    I will only bow my head againts SGGS…
    The rest. I got no comment and not interested to know.
    All what i know. There is no any other Guru Granth than Sri Guru Granth Sahib…

    Manohar Singh: Well gurdev fyi you said bow your head do you know that in one of karminder perchar he said we should not bow our head to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji..??

    Gardev Singh: Nonsense.


    Dave Singh Sandhu: Bringing down the banner is not the way to confront these deviant group . The rightway is to confront them and ask them questions directly. By the way the truth will eventually surface then we will see the faces of all these so called supporters of this deviant group using EK Granth as an excuse to manipulate Sikhi. The problem is that they do not allow you to question them in full sangat instead they want you to write your questions on piece of papers for them to vet and when they ask directly they get removed from the darbar.

    Nian Gill: They are using zakir naik style, i guess.

    Srdrsingh Chet: Dave, you’re being ECONOMICAL WITH THE TRUTH. You suggesting they dont allow Qs. Come, come. We know how things work. Most Darbar Sahib programmes are one-way street affairs. But I’ve watched some of the videos of the EK GRANTH EK PANTH EK MARYADA seri…See more

    Srdrsingh Chet: Dear Dave. I spoke earlier about the GURDWARA KLANG programme. Here you go. https://youtu.be/MPb5zH5FLrE

    Dave Singh Sandhu: Srdrsingh Chet you are very naive. Klang Gurdwara is a staunch supporter of Karminder. maybe you wont believe when I said they have prepared questions given to “planted” members of the sangat. You are confused when I actually said is asking spontaneous questions …ie questions according to Gurmat not personal. questions as to their actual agenda which i can tell you will never be allowed. i am pretending Mr Chet? Organise one open session in a neutral Gurdwara…with your group …we will come then you tell who is pretending.


    Rita Kaur: Gurfatehji we all as sikh should focus more in shabad in sri guru granth sahibji than anything else.if all of us can do this then we don’t need anything else in our lives.everything is in there.Sikhism is such a beautiful and powerful religion.we should focus more to it.all those who are preaching should just try their level best to explain the bani in our sri guru granth sahibji one by one.many of us don’t understand the beauty of the bani { meaning}. Pay more attention to these things..

    Buck Sidhu: Very common these day’s , where ever Sikhs reside all over the world , splinter groups causing mayhem thus confusion where Sikhi is heading too. United we stand divided we fall , the ball is in your court.

    Gardev Singh: Hot topic for now.
    Same like if anyone of us remember,
    Where has gone all the voice?
    So call it as “Hot Movie”..
    I am out of this topic…
    No matter what…
    I will only follow Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji..

    Kanail Singh: Sikhs are small in number. Around the world and getting smaller… its better to unite rather than disunite…

    Sab JI: Shame on people who doing this if they have any issue they should talk its not a way


    Gurnam Singh Dhaliwal: I have never attended any program conducted by Dr Karminder but I understand he does a lot of research before making presentation . However , EK Granth is not new . My parents has taught me that there is only one Granth for the Sikhs and is only SGGS ….See more

    Jasvinn Sekhon: Same … here ek granth …

    Jaspal Singh: Its called by gyaniji as dhan dhan sri guru granth sahib ji. Not ek granth

    Srdrsingh Chet: Jaspal Singh. Who is this Gyaniji you’re talking about? I notice many Sikhs refer to Granthis as Gyanis. You in the same boat?

    Jaspal Singh: Its my 10th Gurus hukam to Call it as Dhan Dhan Sahib sri guru granth sahib ji.. Not Ek Granth …

    Gurnam Singh Dhaliwal: EK Granth means there is only one Granth for the Sikhs and that Granth is sri Guru Granth Sahib . Stop twisting .

    Gurpartap Singh Bhullar: People like karminder are twisting facts..in the name of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, they are trying their best to snatch away our rich heritage but his blind followers will never accept the truth. Our Ardas , banis of nittnem are being snatched away from us. But who cares?

    Savinder Manjit Randhawa: Sri Guru Granth Sahib jape parthak Sanu,Guruan Di jot,Naam Bani da kha jana eh.

    Balvinder Singh: Jaspal Singh ji….we all sing dohra in Gurdwara “…sab sikhan ko hukam hai Guru maneo Granth” everyone knows it refers to SGGS Ji our only Guru…no one insists that we must sing “Guru maneo SGGS JI”….its the same with “Ek Granth”….its a slogan w…See more

    Dave Singh Sandhu: Gurnam Singh Dhaliwal ji……so tell me where are the Banis of Jaap Sahib …Chaupai from? Not in Shri Guru Grath Sahib ji right?…..so you see just with this…the Ek Granth concept collapses. what about Bhai Gurdas dia Vaara? Can you tell me more o…See more

    Jaspal Singh: Balvinder singh ji… How abt ek maryada… Chanan karo ji

    Balvinder Singh: Jaspal Singh It refers to the Panth parvanit Sikh Rehat Maryada approved by Akal Takhat in 1945…which all major Gurdwaras and societies in Malaysia follow, including SNSM and MGC…its also on the website of the SGPC…the purpose of the slogan is so that Sikhs unify under one Maryada for unity of our practices…

    Balvinder Singh: Anyway I believe that the MGC explains all this at all their EGEPEM programs…

    Gurnam Singh Dhaliwal: Read Balvinder Singh replies and you will have the answers yaar . Chill man , don’t get too stress , is not end of the world yaar .Dave Singh ji

    Shiv Anurag Rogi: Jaspal Singh Ji, it is also YOUR tenth GURUS FINAL HUKAM< There is ONLY ONE GRANTH, so what of sikh are you that is selecting deviancy where it suits and using Guru Granth sahib where it suits you?or have you become deaf as well, that you seem hear selectively, or simply trying to support your moron frinds even though it is anti gurmat ?


    Jasmer Kaur: Please don’t argue and fight among ourselves. At least don’t wash dirty linen in public. Settle disputes in doors. Ours is the most respectful religion in this world. Don’t tarnish what our gurus have done for us. Stay and focus and be together.

    Shiv Anurag Rogi: But they are tarnishing the Guru Ji with Porn stories…descriptiv porn….how stay united with anti sikhs?


    Sandeep Singh: Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh , asia samachar as you are posting all this matter which is “ Hot Movie ” for most of us . May I ask you a question , did you ever asked the uncle and the youngster in the lembah jaya case why were they actually been chased out of the Guru Darbar and shared it with us or did you ask the youngsters their reason who burn the poster which is took out of the gurdwara compound and burned and shared it with us to ? I think it’s time to do Question And Answer live Show where Dr.Karminder and the other group meet face to face and solve it . If any of my word hurt any feeling , I’m sorry .

    Balvinder Singh: How can any sane person support the actions of these individuals…walking into a gurdwara…taking down a poster and burning it because they don’t agree with the program or the speaker?? So whats next?

    Sandeep Singh: I’m not telling they are right or wrong , but by reporting it to police won’t solve it . It will actually make it worse , wouldn’t it be better if both group go face to face and solve it . If Dr.karminder is actually trying to bring all the sikh on the guru path , he would have go and talk with this group and explain to them .

    Asia Samachar: Dear Sandeep Singh. In Lembah Jaya incident, Asia Samachar did make an attempt to speak to one of the parties involved. See our earlier report. In this latest incident, we reported on the police report by the gurdwara. Any party/persons involved will be given the right of reply. They are welcome to contact us via our Facebook messenger or email.

    Dave Singh Sandhu: Asia Samachar you posted the news before even interviewing the two boys infact you publish their photos and chor accusations by the Ampang Perdan. Now why kind of journalism is that? Please explain.

  10. Can some one advise on how to end this animosity which will probably conyinue to divide the Sanggat?
    It appears that in that personal ego (hankaar) has overtaken reason and side thinks failure to refund may mean defeat. In such cases there are no winners but only losers as is happening in several Mid East Muslim countries where lives of innocents are being destroyed and whole towns made ruins.

  11. Washing linen in public is a very good excuse to cover up any and ever thing.

    Who went into public to cause the dirt ?

    Who created the divide by lying umpteen times ?

    The man lied in Malaysia,when the rest of the world never heard of such instructions
    Who was dispensing the dirt ?
    As if that is not enough,stir up and milead the youth.

    THIS UNCOUTH AND PORNO book had been rejected by the Panth,yet this liars are enfircing upon the Sikhs.

    Then lie about ek panth ek granth and twist it with falsehood.

    Here we moan abt dirty linen?

    It is indeed very very dirty that had to be adressed.Charging crminals has to take place.

    These crminaks will do it again and more,if they get away this time.

    They are the cause of the expanses

  12. Going to court may result in ‘washing dirty linen in public’. Sikhi problems should be solved by Sanggat and not by non-Sikhs who may not realize the severity of the matter and may deteriorate further.
    Hope Wahe Guru Ji give wisdom to the leadership and those involved.

    Gur Fatej

  13. Indeed Sr Gurcharan Singh JI, these are criminals, and criminals should not be allowed to get away from the long arm of the law.

    I have seen you warning these rowdies about getting criminal records and blighting their future.

    But the irresponsible mother from Ipoh, thinks her younger brother Bachiter natak will save them, and they can bully sangats and get away free.

    I also see the lead Rowdy, man, [name ommitted] now lamenting why such reports were made over “minor” matters. That it will blight their future. Did you not see these warnings? As long as you thought, you can behave shamefully as you have for a 65 year, it was ok? I say the full brunt of the law should be used against these rowdies and ensured that their will never resort to such. One thick moron was also talking to attacking the Parcharak, in the darbar sahib. Such disgracefully unmatured talk from these scum bags.

    If abusing the position of the Guru Granth sahib, and putting up false books, following a mad foreign Anurag, is a small matter, and behaving like hoodlums burning the Gurmukhi lettering and shabads becomes a small matter, their sickening disease is no small matter.

    They are totally misled. The BN is no Guru book. Just because large section of the community has remained silent watching the rascal antics of these diseased people,it does not mean we agree with their lies.

    Gurmukh Parbandhaks like Sr Harbans Singh and committee, and Sr Daaljit Singh & committee have at last taken the first step, and sangats will support their further actions. It is no doubt, these individuals had no choice but to finally make a stand,but they are left with no choice, when these little educated went one step too far, in their stupidty.

    a dave singh sandhu, is now resorting to be the blackest pot calling the kettle black, how idiocratically ignorant he is. He is the deviant, with a diseased deviant group calling the rest of the sangat deviant!! Amazing such void brains. people like him are willing pig drops, to be brain washed, and think the rest of the world is as stupid as their nut head.

    Parbandhaks, go for the full application of the law against these rowdies, please. I am sure sangats will willing donate to the costs. Dont worry about that. Guru Ji, will give.

    These deviants are not ashamed of relating the BN porno book to Guru ji, that he wrote, and he went to the kotha of a prostitute,if only these morons are able to read, then they will understand. Most of these rants from such morons comes from hearing [parts ommitted] of the academy

  14. Continuation of divisive and disruptive elements in Sanggat who do not outsiders to do this as there are some who call themselves ‘Sikhs’ appear to be doing what the formers Moghul and British rulers in Punjab did and now the self-serving politicians are doing.
    Sikhs and Jews appear to be permanent targets of disruptive elements as was stated by Maskeen Ji during his regular kathas.

    Gur Fateh.

  15. Criminals and criminal activities csnnot intimidate truth.NOW THE TRUTH is out.SGSA is funded by foreign organisationsTheir criminals cannot be allowed to get away.

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