We felt pain in our hearts and rose to stop Ghagaa from doing katha

Lakhbir Singh, an active Malaysian Sikh volunteer, was present at the Ipoh gurdwara during the protest against Sikh parcharak Prof Inder Singh Ghagaa. He gives his take on what happened and why it happened.

| Opinion | Malaysia | 2 March 2017 | Asia Samachar |
SIMRAN PROTEST: The scene in the Gurdwara Sahib Greentown in Ipoh, Perak, on 1 March 2017 where Prof Inder Singh Ghagaa was supposed to speak

First, Inder Singh Ghagaa is banned by Akal Takht, our supreme body, from doing any parchar in gurdwaras because of his anti Sikh and anti Gurmat parchar. He is also banned from doing parchar in Germany, U.K. and Canada.

Secondly, many police reports were made and police were informed of potential problems, should Ghagaa take the stage. It would be in direct defiance to Akal Takht order to maintain the sanctity of our gurdwaras. The police cautioned that they don’t want any trouble and allowed the prog to go on. Hence for half and hour only Simran was done by the sanggat.

Thirdly, a petition was prepared to be given to the president. The petition had clearly spelt out Ghagaa’s banned order. But because the president came in late, around 7.15pm, it couldn’t be handed in time.

Fourthly, since the program was allowed to go on by the management authority, the sanggat did Simran for half hour, which was done in gusto and everyone enjoyed and felt at peace.

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Fifth, at around 7.35pm, ardas was done and the hukumnama taken.  The hukumnama was “Koi janeh kawan eeha jag meet” on pg 700. The Deg was served and the coming programs announced by Daaljit Singh.

Sixth, the Jaap was continued. Many of us decided to move after Ghagaa was escorted out. Many of us felt complacent at that time and let down our guard. Just as Ghagaa was leaving, being escorted by his team, behind him a young boy sitting in the sanggat
went for Ghagaa for reasons only known to him. As Ghagaa was in front and his team behind him, he was shielded from the attack. They was a scuffle and within seconds it developed into a huge commotion as every one joined in to separate the parties. Now, during the scuffle, whose hand had hit which party/parties turban(s) and in what way, I can safely say unless there is a proper video recording, no one can say for sure. So let us not speculate and assume.

Seventh, the Akal Takht is our supreme body and its orders are to be obeyed without question. We have been taught this from birth. So who disobeyed this order to break the sanctity of our gurdwaras.

Ghagaa is banned from doing parchar in gurdwaras for his anti Sikh and anti Gurmat stands. Who had brought him into our country to destroy the harmony and peace among our Sikh community. Who is responsible to create all these ill feelings and disharmony among the whole Sikh community living in this country for the last 150 years by introducing new doctrines, home made slogans to rhyme with Gurbani but in reality are against our Sikh Reht Maryada (SRM).

Brothers, Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) has failed, Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia (SNSM) has failed, Asia Samachar has failed, Coalition o Malaysian Sikh Organisations (CMSO) has failed, many individuals having leadership positions have failed, other functioning bodies are unaware or too small or simply refused to stop this tide to be in sync and tow the line of Akal Takht our supreme body. The gathering (on 1 March) was done simply by concerned members who felt pain in their hearts and rose to the occasion to stop Ghagaa from doing katha.

There are two bodies that have been constantly blamed for no reasons at all. They are the only two bodies that are steady as a rock and stand like a mountain and refuse to give in to this tide of tacitly been lead down the road of these new anti Gurmat and defiance to orders from Akal Takht our supreme body.

The two bodies are Sant Attar Singh Ji Brahm Vidya Niketan Malaysia and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Academy (SGGS Academy). I stand with them as now required.

So please do not misunderstand the motives of these two bodies Niketan and SGGS Academy. They work towards the harmony and peace among the whole Sikh community in Malaysia.

Lakhbir Singh, a former granthi and now a property consultant, is actively involved in Sikh activities, including in amrit sanchaar jathas.


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  1. Sardar Kuldip Singh Ji.
    I totally agree with your views and all should contribute/voice their views as and when necessary.
    Just like taking action of any adverse findings of the Auditors need action not by Auditors but is the responsibility those holding positions of leadership and they should discharge their responsibilities to rectify the problems, it is important that those holding positions of leadership of Sikhi and Sanggat should take appropriate action on whatever matter/activity which may be dividing/disrupting/damaging Sikh values.

    My concern is the cases of insulting language/civility used by some against those with whom there is no agreement which may be making the problems more serious than they already are.

    In some cases the opponents of each others views may also not posses the expertise/knowledge about Sikhi and yet may be providing views/comments on the assumption that they do have the relevant knowledge and many ordinary Sikhs may be confused as to who to follow.


    Gur Fateh

  2. Mr Gursharan Singh, we all take time off from our regular work, to write in, either to contribute knowledge or ideas or ask questions to clear any doubts we have on a particular subject. I appreciate you doing that. I hope it is clear what I am trying to say. Thank you ji.

  3. From what I see and know of the maryada, this man, an ex granthi appears to be an expert in spinning falsehood and lies, twisting them suit his purpose.He is manipulating falsehood and telling blatent lies to cover up their goonda gardi actions.

    They travelled in a large group to disrupt and intimidate the local sangat.That is undeniable, no matter how more lies, he uses to lie more than his existence in falsehood.This is the pattern of the goonda gardi that sangats all over the world has put up with this misled mentally retards that believe in false books.

    They think they are above the Gurus hukam of ONE book.

    [Portions deleted]

    The niketan and Goonda gardi are NOT mountains, but tools being used to distort and break the FOUNDATIONS of Sikhi.They are being founded by powers, from extreme RSS.These meetings have taken place in Nagpur between the goonda gardi leader and malech Gurmukh from Damdama sahib.

    They lie, through their teeth posterior,and nose, and creating false letters and false hukamnamas and dated years ago, that also does NOT allow one to cross reference.

  4. The writer of this letter is well know for inciting hate and total unsikhi behaviour that is well documented when he was the granthi of Gurdwara Sahib PJ.

  5. Mr Gurcharan Singh, I as a person who depends on asissamachar.com for knowledge about my Malaysian Sikh Community, would humbly request that if you could, explain in more details, what you have taken time off, to write above. Thank you Sir.

  6. Top claas lying and excuses.Now lies being used.False and fake letters allegedly from akal takhat.Absolute lies.

    Now they are all using lies,they can

    this goonda gardi is being condemned from all over the world.

    they do not seem to respect the hukamnama of no bachiter natak but selectly claim iies to claim abt non existent ones.

    Gurus of Lies

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