SGPC exposes Dr Anurag ‘misleading’ claims on research board

"He has nothing to do with Sikh Itihas Research Board.... misleading the public by using his association as Director" - SGPC statement

| Punjab / Malaysia | 12 March 2017 | Asia Samachar | 
FALSE CLAIMS?: In an article entitled ‘A Scholar: Best and Worst’ (12 Feb 2017, published at Gurvichar, Dr Anurag signed off as ‘Dr Anurag Singh, Director, Sikh Itihas Board, SGPC’. – PHOTO GRAB FROM WEBSITE BY ASIA SAMACHAR

Sikh activist Dr Anurag Singh has been exposed for making ‘misleading’ claims to being a director of a Sikh research body for which he no longer had any association with.

In a note released by Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) on its official website yesterday (11 March 2017), the Sikh representative body took note of his claims to being a director of SGPC’s Sikh ltihas Research Board, though he had resigned from it in January 2009.

“He has nothing to do with Sikh Itihas Research Board and by “affixing” his name with the Sikh Itihas Research Board, the gentleman is misleading the public by using his association as Director and with the angust body——Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee,” according to the statement simply entitled ‘Notice’.

It added: “His utterances and statements are noted to be anti religious and against the Sikh sentiments.”

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Anurag, son of the late historian Dr Tarlochan Singh, has listed as a manager of Punjab & Sind Bank on his Facebook page, a platform that he actively uses to propagate his thoughts, which can at times be deemed harsh.

On the Malaysian front, Dr Anurag has been accused of spewing hatred and spinning tales on some segments of Sikhs in Malaysia.

He had seemingly teamed up with groups promoting agendas like the complete acceptance of Dasam Granth, the supposed work of Guru Gobind Singh earlier known as Bachitar Natak.

Dr Anurag’s writings had been used in the propaganda battle to attack those who questioned such lines of thinking.

One platform for launching his at times acerbic writings is, a website founded and run by Dr Harnaak Singh Khalsa, a Malaysian-born Sikh who now resides in Melbourne, Australia. Harnaak, an engineer by training, had worked with National Electricity Board and ABB in Malaysia, before moving to Melbourne.

Harnaak, who obtained a Phd in electrical engineering from Monash University, has been forceful in his on Sikh groups that do not match his line of thinking. Though prolific in his attacks, he keeps a low profile, not even sharing his photograph on the website that he runs. In past communications with Asia Samachar, he claimed that his wife, Dr Ajit Kaur Khalsa, assists him with his writings on Sikhi matters.

In a number of articles that on the website in the last one year, Dr Anurag was mentioned as the director of the SGPC board. For example, in an article entitled ‘A Scholar: Best and Worst’ published on 12 Feb 2017, it ends with the author signing off as ‘Dr Anurag Singh, Director, Sikh Itihas Board, SGPC’.

At the point of writing, both Dr Anurag and Dr Harnaak has yet to respond to queries from the Asia Samachar on the matter. Both of them had in the past attacked Asia Samachar for its reporting, accusing it of being biased and one-sided.

UPDATE (17 March 2017): The Gurvichar website has since published a correction on the matter. However, five days later, neither Dr Anurag nor Dr Harnaak had replied to queries from Asia Samachar. Dr Harnaak was asked if he and/or his associates had tried to pass off Dr Anurag as the sitting Director of the said said SGPC board? Dr Anurag was asked if he had introduced or led the publication to be believe that he was still a director of the said SGPC board? However, in an article at the same website entitled ‘Thoughts, Logic & Reasoning Part 14 – Asia Samachar…Hypocritical?, Dr Harnaak had accused Asia Samachar of embarking on ‘a slander campaign against Gur Vichar and its contributors’.

CORRECTION: Gurvichar website publishes a notice of correction on Dr Anurag being referred to as the director of the SPGC’s Sikh Itihias Research Board, a point that was rebuked in a SGPC notice – PHOTO GRAB FROM WEBSITE


EXPOSED: SPGC statement dated 11 March 2017 that exposed Dr Anurag Singh’s claim to being director of SGPC’s Sikh Itihas Research Board – PHOTO GRAB FROM WEBSITE


It has been noticed with anguish by Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee that is a Website — “Gur Vichar” some statement has been made by one S. Anurag Singh, who presently claims to be the Director of Sikh ltihas Research Board of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Sri Amritsar.

It is for the information for Sikh Sangat of the world that this Anurag Singh had since resigned from this post of Director in January 2009. He has nothing to do with Sikh Itihas Research Board and by “affixing” his name with the Sikh Itihas Research Board, the gentleman is misleading the public by using his association as Director and with the angust body——Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee. His utterances and statements are noted to be anti religious and against the Sikh sentiments, To illustrate one — His saying “There is no concept of Ek Granth Ek Panth in Sikhism” & from this the Sikh Sangat can well understand the “figment of his fertile? imagination” when he states these sentences and that too, claiming himself as a “Scholar” and his untruthful assertion of association with Sikh Itihas Research Board to which he is not even remotely connected.

His utterance, are unfortunate and does not deserve any merit & therefore no acceptance. He, by these words have hurt the Sikh sentiments. We, here in Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee have received number of complaints orally and have explained on the above lines and given clarification.


Harcharan Singh

Chief Secretary, SGPC,

Sri Amritsar


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  1. I wonder if the ex granthi apologists if the rowdies ferls no pain now that he and his rowdies were lied to and led up the false garden path by Anorag?

    A eriee silence befalls ftom these lappies.

    It must be hard to come to terms with truth,after listening to falsehood and a pedlar of like anurag?

    The days of lies from these rowdy academy are numbered too
    Guru de ghar der ho sakdi pr ander nhi..

    Aadh sach jugadh sach he bhi sach….

  2. I said this man Anurag,was an imposter and a fraud ,three days after, he appeared with his hatred and lie spinning comments comments.

    I went on to label him as sociopathic compulsive liar,with insensiblities of the subject they proffessed to to be masters of.

    This can now clearly be gauged from the lies he continues to spew from his oral cavity,despite being exposed and caught with his pants down,by the most highest Sikh body.

    Credit goes to Sardar Harcharan Singh,SGPC,for taking times to address such mischeviously mad person as Anurog,unlike his father Dr Tirlochan,who was a reknowned Sikh historian in his time.

    ANUROG was only a junior staff in the Punjab & Sind Bank,before it was nationalised back in 1980s.

    He can niw say whatever lies,his trade mark expertise,in 2009,using a good spin of his lies,he managed with his sociopathic skills,to obtain the post with SGPC.But,questions were raised about his real onowldege and qualifications,it came to light his Phd,was niot genuine.

    As the cumbersome SGPC ,took time,to respond,and sack him,he quickly resigned and disappeared into the shaddows,until 2011,when he appeared on his own website
    dispensing his foul venom against the GURANI AND SIKH HISTORY WIT UNBELIEVABLE lies.

    He appeared on Malaysian sites,invited by similar anti Sikh groups,cooking up brlievable lies ,impressing the many simple and easily misled youth,with the false claims of his nin existent position and phd.

    I labelled him a liar then, thiugh it fell some deaf ears.

    As for his partber in crime,who serms another expert in churning Phds and kies abt Gurbsni,on his site,we do hsve three arm length back ground history,that will b shared on an independent site in time to come.

    It will show how sociopathics have tendency to build up deludions of grandoise in their own mindsband around themselves.

    It is time,those who have been miskef by such mentally unsound sociopaths to rejoin the greater Psnth sbd stand strongly with Guru Granth sahib only.

    It is a matter of time,gur vichar and its grand lying sociopsthic moderator is adressed again by SGPC