Sikh high school student demolishes Gandhi myth, wins US oratory tournament

JJ Kapur – NSDA 2017 Original Oratory Champion

You must watch this young man in action. He tears down the Gandhi myth, among others.

In the process, Valley High School junior JJ Kapur was named the 2017 Original Oratory Champion at the Tournament of Champions, said to be the most prestigious high school speech and debate competition in the US.

Kapur’s victory caps off a string of high profile awards, including first-place finishes at the Emory University, Minneapple and Harvard University tournaments. Following a prompt to compose and deliver a persuasive speech addressing a social issue, Kapur spoke on his experience as a Sikh-American youth. See here.

In the finals, he spoke of the ‘story telling’ that we all get sucked into.

“I found that the story of Bollywood was just that, a story….And this disconnect between story and reality extends far beyond India’s border. We are a story telling society. We each seek to provide our scattered and confusing experiences with a sense of coherence, by arranging the episodes of our lives into stories. but our problem arises when our complex realities does not match the narrative.”

He gives an example of the narrative surrounding Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Indian independence leader widely revered for his use of nonviolent civil disobedience.

But Kapur punctures the ‘saintly’ narrative around the leader who died in 1948.

“The Gandhi narrative excludes the uncomfortable fact that Gandhi sexually assaulted women, espoused anti-blackness and ignored India’s untouchable caste.

“The Gandhi narrative is so powerful that when I related these details to the members of my own family, they (paused for effect) flipped (another pause) out,” he tells the crowd before him.

How did his own family responded? “Are you smoking weed? Gandhi is a saint. Watch the Ben Kingsley movie and get your story straight.”

He then continues: “Gandhi was important and influential but his story was complex. And imposing a simplified narrative structure makes his history a lie. ”

Watch young Kapur talk about the ‘story telling society’ that we all live in.




  1. A well deserved winner. A great actor and speaker. The narrative suited the American audience no matter how inaccurate his content was. India is a nation on rise, it is hard for the Americans to take.Very apt Oration made for a very superficial nation. It was nothing but just a point of view in a jibe!

  2. Untouchable from India and American scientist Dr Shiva Ayyadurai explains that Gandhi and Nehru made up the “not so obvious establishment” who were in cahoots with the establishment, the British, to hijack the people’s movement for freedom.

    That’s a bigger story than Gandhi and sex.

    The people in India have to start all over again and build up a bottom up democracy.

    The farmers’ movement in Punjab, for example, is a bottom up movement for democracy.

    Earlier, the Khalsa uprising in Punjab had the same objective i.e. bottom up movement for democracy. The Sikh elite themselves crushed it in cahoots with Mrs Indira Gandhi.

    Mrs Gandhi was hailed as the liberator of Bangladesh.

    Bangladesh was in fact created by Major General J. F. R. Jacob, an Iraqi Jew, who literally ignored New Delhi and his own superior officer, Lt General Jagjit Singh Aurora, and forced Lt Gen Niazi and 90K Pakistan Army in the East to surrender.

    Major General Jacob had only 3K troops in the outskirts of Dacca. The Indian Army did not believe that East Pakistan could be captured. Jacob managed the feat in two weeks.

    He assured Niazi that the Indian Army would protect his men if they laid down their weapons in public and surrendered. Otherwise, he said, the 200K Mukti Bahini of Bangladesh would slaughter the Pakistani.

    The rest is even more history.

    It’s the man on the spot that creates the real history.

  3. Amazed to see how all the “pro indian” support team is all here to insult an intelligent young boy with guts to speak the truth. Thats all he did, speak the truth, but that is simply too much for you guys to digest. Grow up. India is no longer the hidden controlled elusive land that others knew little off. Gandhis writings and works are found throughout europe and africa clear to everyone with any intelligence to read and realise how big a bigoted pedophile he really was. Every educated Indian knows he used to sleep naked with his grandnieces, and here you are defending him as shamelessly as he was. Father of nation? On which day in parliament was that ever declared? India is so desperate for heroes, you will pick anyone. Now your latest bahu ranis are porn stars.. Amazing that you then insult an intelligent child and say that he has dis reputed the country. If any one did that, it is you desperate need to support rapists to lead the country and sunny leones who are your betis and bahus.

  4. Comment: if u cannot write good of any person,dont degrade anybody especially the father of our nation.let this kid write on some american great men or leaders, if he has gutts and he will be thrown out of US? To please the western crowd this kid is playing smart? My advice keep the dignity of our nation high,so that even one day ur thrown out of USA,its ur motherland ur offsprings can return & live in peace..

  5. Enough is spoken, written and filmed about our history and the great leaders of our time with obviously very straight jacketed narratives. As we grew up mugging history lessons in school, not even once we have heard or learnt any counter views. So we ended up accepting the history as told to us, as the only truth. It’s really time to move on and stop analysing our history and our so called leaders. It holds no relevance and creates only differences. It maybe more worth our while to switch from history to natural history and learn about our ecology and the vast variety of creations in our environment. They are truly amazing. Atleast it will help us understand our ecology better and respect our nature.

  6. I’m not shocked’why most average idiot’s by Indian standard is regarded as great by West anything that suits Thier mind’s is always great this piece of shit below average of what really Indian students intellual level is far far way above yes Gandhi to me was over rated by West his contribution is exagratted over magnified by all STD truth is very different from what vested interest want things in own pleasing way NEHRU’S affairs not discussed nor how British left on fear of naval revolution by Indians & return of Subhash Bose brought shiver in British hence in haste left with poisonous after effects to last for decade’s any doubt??

  7. A SIKH whose name must have SINGH but where is the SINGH in J J KAPUR?
    Running down Gandhi was uncalled for and may be insulting to Gandhi and insensitive to India.
    He mebtiond Lincoln and him freeing the slaves but did not mention that USA actively traded in slaves when they imported people from Africa and then exploited them as workers for their plantations and industries and homes and it was legal to shoot them and abuse young women and children including sexual abuse. It took more than a century and civil wars and killings of ordinary colored citizens before segregation by color was totally removed.
    JJK speech and examples appear to be biased. However his delivery style was excellent.
    I would not take his comments seriously.

  8. To get someone to listen just inform them that what you are going to say is confidential and you would get their eyes and ears glued onto you.A rotten tree gives rotten fruits as such we have to be forgiving.
    In speaking what his audience wanted to hear he has brought all of them including himself to a new low level.
    I am extremely proud to belong to a community where the person after speaking ill of leaders is still allowed to roam our planet .Nevertheless I honestly thing it is more of our faults for archiving our leaders or shelfing them in a cupboard polishing them once a year for celebrations instead of displaying the lessons as was enshrined in our words, thoughts and deeds displaying GODLINESS seeking justifications in our words, thoughts and deeds irregardless of whatever race, religion, class or creed.

  9. My reflection on this young boy’s presentation.
    1. He speaks well.
    2. He’s more interested in impressing the audience than the contents he created. I’m deeply concerned about the repercussion of such a dramatized adventure on the future generation much less on India. Who cares?
    3. He himself is a victim of the narrative, he heard from his community. There is little substance in his comment ‘Gandhi had sextually assaulted women’. I would be keen to know the ancestral background of this young boy. I traveled in the interiors of Punjab and found the same sentiments discretely discussed by a community (yes unfortunately only by a community – though I love this community for the proud narrative our history holds about them) about Gandhi and Tagore. And when I look around Punjab I only see that the youth is more interested in moving away from their country in search of better living, wealth and money. The result of them are under the prey of drugs. Yes, they have indeed proved the narrative about their past to be a lie.)
    4. The only solace is, None including myself and this young lad can judge the ways of Reality for any attempt to draw a conclusion based on any personal, even collective analysis, is actually little better than an interpretation. Democracy can only encourage versatile interpretation but has no authority on the Reality.
    5. As for me, my respect for Gandhi and Tagore is based on deeply studying and understanding their their depth of spiritual realization – it that context human errors of any won’t influence my faith and reverence of these outstanding saints. Even Sri Ram and Lord Krishna were criticized by men for certain actions of Their’s – those have not made them lesser God’s.

  10. The link was forwarded to me by one NRI. I listened to this. I found this very superficial. There is no basis for belittle GANDHI by inflicting false charges. Just uttering something nasty about a great leader and getting attention is cheap trick. I and surprised at the quality and level of the Judges and debate. How can this person be ORATORY CHAMPION? I can accept him as an ACTING CHAMPION. He spoke about Bollywood and acted and danced like one.
    Yes JJK, we are open to examining the character of our FATHER OF THE NATION but come out with some facts not just dirty allegations. FYI GANDHI did more than anyone else till date for upliftment of untouchables. He is the person who told us to clean our own toilets. He is the person who embraced the untouchables and gave them a holy name—HARIJAN. Please get your facts correct KID.

  11. The link was forwarded to me by an NRI. I heard it carefully. I found it quite cheap and lacking any depth. I am open mined to examine any person critically even GANDHI or my God- Ram or Krishna, but this guy simply makes false allegations on the father of our nation without substantiating it. I am surprised at the quality of the American debate and Judges. This guy JJK is ORATORY CHAMPION?? I would have agreed if he was titled ACTING CHAMPION. He spoke about Bollywood and did dance like them. There was no depth in his oratory, certainly not in his spasm against Gandhi.

  12. I hope this boy has read my experiment with truth. How authentic is his narrative.
    He is in USA as a second class citizen. The only way this he can get attention is by degrading I India where his routes exist.
    The whole world wants to see this great country breaking up. Individuals like him act as catalysts.
    The world over stories are told which can be judged the same way. His own can also have stories likewise.
    He should keep in mind that he amd his future generations will always be called as second class citizen.
    Let him learn to find good qualities in every one.
    I am a proud Indian and love my country.
    Jai Hind

  13. Weldone JJK. Keep up the good work.
    You have touched so many important facts in such a nice way.
    God bless you

  14. Earning glory at the cost of assassinating the character of your own father of nation and not to mention whose teachings are still practiced and become more relevant with passage of time. How much this kid learned or have studied
    Gandhi ji . It is Gandhi ji’s height of greatness that by accusing him this kid is getting such encashment. This really hurts that though this boy is a good stage actor but is acting like a thankless fugitive opprtunist. Ask any American honestly the guy shall be referred as disgraceful joker only.

  15. Outstanding performance by a young man who’s obviously quite talented and very bright. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

    However, the headline “student demolishes Gandhi myth” does not accurately reflect the words spoken and sheds far more light on the editors’ biases than on the content of the article.

  16. One of the best presentations in a long time. Excellent orator with good mix of humour and poise. Full points on dramatics and quality of content. I applaud this young fellow. God bless and godspeed.

  17. It was a fantastic performance by this youth. It is not about Trump , it’s not about Gandhi and is not about any other political image. It’s about connecting ourselves as an integral part of Humanity irrespective of our physical symbols that mark our physical existence in this world being governed by double sided faces in any aspect we name. I admire the principles that rooted from BHAGWAT GITA which were verbally transferred to Arjun to enlighten his mind for the great battle. The principles wiped the images of Guru Dronacharya, Bhishma Pitamah, Guru Kripacharya, Duryodhan, King Dhritrashtra from Arjun’s mind to get rid of attachment to relation when it comes to protect the virtues that form the basis of humanity. All the teachings from Sri Krishna are practical and make us realize the essence of being humans.
    The youth pleads to discover a new story making connection with our complexities, struggles and making ourselves as legends for our generations to come. Let’s dance is an invitation to discovery

  18. All the people criticizing the Mahatma has to realize that Gandhi was a human being and not god. Sure, he committed some errors in his life, just like anybody else. His greatness lies in the fact that he acknowledged his mistakes and worked through out his life for India’s freedom. Life is always different in hindsight. If Gandhi ever felt that violence was the right path, he probably would have taken that path. It is a choice we make – do we look at the positives of his life or harp on the negative side of him.
    USA has glorified many their freedom fighters irrespective of their dark histories. But, when it comes to putting down the great humans from other countries and races, western world has never backed down. It is depressing to see kids of Indian origin denigrating great personalities for their recognition in the western world.

  19. Great orator! But, low on understanding, counter argued himself, when implied trump supporters were not sane, exactly doing what he opposes, simplifying the complex reality of trump supporters, not to forget the link itself boiled down the complex speech to just about Gandhi, when he merely stated three alternative ‘facts’ about Gandhi. And if their is monotonous portrayal of History in Bollywood, it is actually AGAINST Gandhi! Like, he is shown to be silenced when someone confronted about death penalty to Bharat Singh in ‘Legend of Bharat Singh’, when he actually had no power to stop that, Like Gandhi withdrawing after Chauri Chaura incident . . . . Movies are not just documentaries they are perceptions, if they give hope, even if it is fake, it is still positive, just like Religions around the world. . . .Basically, if movies were to be made from everyone’s perspective then, we MAY end up having soft corner for Hitler too. If one wishes to see complex reality he can never get from one source be it movie, webpages or even books! . . . . Couldn’t stop myself to comment :D! But, he most certainly deserved to win with that confidence!

  20. Neelu Shukla, I am living in India and am placed in a very senior post. I, also have read about Ghandi Ji. JJ Shukla may be a great orator, but certainly not a manipulator. What he said about Gandhi, IS PLAIN SIMPLE TRUTH. Forget about his Hundreds of his follies, BUT THE FACT IS, AND PARDON ME FOR SAYING SO, THAT HE WAS A WOMANISER.
    He, to revenge his throwing out of the coach, cunningly managed to take India along, which in turn resulted into a mass movement.

  21. Was Gandhi was a masiha ? No. He was a hypocrat. Read his own diary which everyone knows he used to write. His diaries are still available to read in South Africa. Read the book ‘ Behind the mask of Devinity, Gandhi’ . You will know the truth from Gandhi’s own writings. He was a liar, a hypocrat. Proof is there in today’s India. How minorities are treated?. Hindu fanatism is on top . Gandhi did sow the seed.

  22. Yes, he should be proud to be called as a Sikh American and not an Indian American. Hindu India betrayed, deserted and humiliated Punjab and its Sikh population who actually sacrificed everything for India’s freedom.
    “Sharm aati hai watan ko watan kehtey hoowe”. I would be proud to be called a Sikh or a Punjabi any day anytime anywhere but not an Indian.

  23. Although Gandhi Ji was an influential personality who encouraged the Indian mob to get freedom from the British but we can never deny the fact that he has done tremendous bias with the untouchables. He didn’t support the idea of Dr. Bhim Rao Ji Ambedkar in Poona Pact which would have brought balanced equality among all the Indians.


  24. Kumar- You are really crossing the line by bringing in our Gurus. You are Kumar only because of them otherwise you would have been praying towards Kaaba. Why don’t you ask your parents and they will tell you.

  25. Out of several contradictions about Gandhi, one that cannot be denied is his double standard, preach what you yourself don’t practice. Can it be denied, “Gandhi preached democracy, but violated its norms when it did not suit his designs?” Is it not historical fact that Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was voted to be president of Indian National Congress in 1946 where Gandhi had supported Nehru thus it was Gandhi who manipulated Patel to step down.

  26. History is not his-story, etymology of history is histor–Greek meaning learned man; historia in Latin and Greek for knowing by inquiry. Just because Mayukh Sen says something and a young boy believes it, that is not really learning from any inquiry. It is blind believing. Even recent controversial book by Joseph Lelyveld could not find evidence of sexual assault by Gandhi. Lelyveld book tries to hint Gandhi’s possible homosexual behavior, his inability to control sexual desire but never said he assaulted women. Now one Mr. Sen can impress an young mind but it does not make it a truth.

  27. What rubbish!!! Who is this stupid??how much he knows about Gandhi?He is living abroad & doesn’t know anything about India.He is commenting on Gandhi?Gandhi ko smjhne k liye phle Gandhi k regarding read kro,study kro. Not only his personnel life but also read another pehlu of his life.

  28. what he says is correct.Congress propped him up to suit itself .it created a halo around gandhi.and after independence when it came to power it ensured that he be remembered as father nof the nation.sacrifices of others like netaji,bhagat sing and many others were thrown in dustbin of history

  29. It is common knowledge that Gandhi was the most staunch supporter of Indians fighting for British in First World War which anyone can research based on facts and documents to verify. However, he refused a violent response to the very same British when they carried out Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919 which exposed his hypocrisy on non violence. After Chauri Chura incident in 1922 when some Indians killed few British policemen responding to violent suppression of a peaceful civil disobedience movement, what did Gandhi choose to do? He pulled back the entire movement citing that we should be ‘ashamed’ of having indulged in violence which defeats the very cause of our non violent struggle. Subhash Chandra Bose had openly called Gandhi a big disappointment for the nation after Gandhi pulled back the movement. Gandhians need to explain a great deal about his dual standards on non violence. He refused to condemn Muslim rioters after Moplah riots and went so far as to heap praises on the rioters while condemning and blaming hindus, victims of these riots for the violence and greater need to ‘introspect’ and improve their ways. If anyone needs more proof, Gandhi supported Indians to fight for British in Second World War as well. People need to read history to make an opinion based on facts instead of believing in fake legends like Mahatma Gandhi.

  30. He told a story he built based on his knowledge and what he perceives India and Indians to be. He used a famous name to build his story and win the title. Pure business. All is fair in this capitalistic world these days. He built this story to Win and he did. If he can go to any extreme to win, does not mean others have to follow wrong paths to belittle gurus and freedom fighters.

  31. Human being is a computer with so many informations/ characters inside. A computer is a computer because it can provide good information quicker than any other system available. But the same computer is damaging the society by allowing easy access to people with bad intention eg terrorist, porn etc. Do we condemn computer. Achievement of a person should be appreciated he achieves a goal with good intention. If the same person has done other wrongs, who cares? He still achieved great things for the society.

  32. There is the best in the worst of us and there is the worst in the best of us.Thus it belittles anyone to speak ill of another.

  33. It’s simply an act to get attention from the media and different social communities in the present day environment…

  34. Sure Gandhi was no nice guy same as Nehrru. All they wanted to do was called themselves freedom fighters but didn’t even had the gut to fight. The once who actually fought like bhagat Singh, Raj guru, sukhdev, uddamsingh, kartaar Singh etc. the actual and real freedom fighters that the Indian government doesn’t even talk about anymore. The one who brought freedom in India. You guys tell me one thing who are Gandhi worshippers, why didn’t Gandhi died while he was fighting for freedom and all the other people were hanged or shot. Gandhi still lived up to the Independence Day or more after it. If he was so big of a freedom fighter he should have died before anybody ?

  35. May be an American president of the future??? They all make great speeches, get their fame and fortune, ride off into the sunset and the world suffers on. I think Ghandi ji did enough for India if not more than anyone else so please leave him alone. Can anyone name a political Angel.

  36. I would ask anyone to answer one question that what would have happened to India’s freedom had there been no Gandhi. Gandhi, as the leader of India’s freedom movement, was imposed upon us and the whole world by the British. His peaceful freedom struggle suited the British very well, who would then leave India on their time table. They conveniently eliminated freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and many others who wanted to kick British out of India by force. The western nations are too smart and want other nations they colonize not to fight back with force but do it peacefully. However, they themselves never practice Gandhi’s peaceful principles that they preach to others because it just does not work. Whenever needed, the west uses brute, decisive force to accomplish what they want. At the same time, they want other nations they control to offer any resistance in a peaceful manner, like Gandhi did. This way, they are in complete control all the time. They have glorified Gandhi just for that reason and project him as a role model only for other nations that they control to follow.
    Regarding India’s freedom. I think Gandhi delayed it by making it relatively easier for the Brits who did not want to deal with leaders of forceful resistance. They were so much weakened after the second world war and also in face of tremendous pressure from the U.S. they had to pack up their bags and leave

  37. It is astonishing& heartbreaking when Indians
    Have to seek help of great names to win
    Oratorialprizes . They have no idea of what actually transpired in that age – & then blaming one
    Of the greatest person with a high sense of moratily, dignity& unrighteousness speaks much about their own hollowness . With such guys around I don’t think we need enemies outside ,we have enough here digging at our roots!!

  38. With all his faults..gandhi did not ignore d untouchables. The word HARIJAN….ppl of god….was coined by Gandhiji.
    This young man is out fr the prize….the content?! hes willing to twist. Too much drama….!!!

  39. There are 2 sides of a coin… the good and not so acceptable, but we have to keep appreciating the good to promote that, otherwise our logics, our greeds and our self centred goals would convince us …. it’s OK to be bad … ” see even Gandhi did that”.

  40. The show off of non violence belief was his coat while he actually is the culprit for dividing India, of not letting the right man Patel to become PM, of letting Nehru run the riot, of stopping Sikh soldiers from throwing out the kabalis (paki disguised soldiers) from Kashmir after their invasion (and there would have no problem of azad kashmir), of calling Sikh and Punjabi persons as meat eating idiots instead of recognizing their sacrifices for freedom, of not supporting shaheeds like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru etc., ….,oh my god…how many things should I list here!!
    And then India calls such a mean guy it’s father…a big shame!

  41. For all commentors bashing the kid for his staement on Gandhi, know that that’s just an element in his story, his speeched is called ‘Let’s Dance’ and it’s the article headline that highlites the ‘de-mystfying Gandhian’ natrative as click-bait, of sorts..

    Also, know that all he’s saying is that we need to stop looking at history from a monolythic narrative. It wasn’t just Gandhi vs The Brtiish, there’s an entire natrative of the agrarian folk who really weren’t a part of the freedom movement cause earing a square meal was thier everyday struggle which didn’t change post Independence. There’s a narrative of the largest human migration in the shortest time period, the partition, a narrative that’s sidelined while talking about the success of the freedom movement. Let’s consider all elements of a story and detach ourselves from finding a happy ending to each narrative.

  42. Oratory skills aside, the context of the article is completely off, the headline says that he demolishes Gandhi, so I was curious to know what was said. Sadly he used Gandhi for hardly 30 sec. The rest of it was okay too, but I wonder how many will actually listen to him and understand what he really means. This is the problem with the simplification. In effect the article simply demolishes all that he just said in his nicely orated performance.

  43. This wasn’t at the Tournament of Champions this was at the National Speech and Debate Association Finals which almost as prestigious as the Tournament of Champions but much different

  44. pefect! an all talk competition, just talk talk talk talk show!! blah blah blah blah!!!! especially about Gandhi.

    easy to mock others, get sarcarstic, even cynical and critize the very people whose resources are used to comfortably rest & experiment and conveniently crack jokes at ease, rest assured the wars & poverty created abroad will not hit home.

    in a country where ‘slave trade’ is now nicely being branded as ‘tri-atlantic trade’ and ‘indology’ is now deliberately dismantled and studied as ‘south east asian’ history, these young men are a product of that kind of brain washing. Gandhi the person who fought against discrimination, apartheid a century back when there was no social media AND a 100 yrs after that, similar problems persist in the country built by immigrants, here is a young man making a joke of Gandhi!! young & stupid joker.

    at a time, when he himself might be targeted & kicked out for his turban, he seems to have no idea what it could happen to him on the streets & when that happens, maybe some appreciation of what great individuals like Gandhis did for jokers like him so that all turbans could walk the high streets freely.
    Above all he should check out what happened at jallianwala bagh, to whome did he dedicate his life and why was Gandhi was shot dead and by whom.

  45. What logic was there behind sleeping with two grown up girls , old enough to be his grand daughters ?
    Why did he not prevail upon Nehru and Jinnah to give up their claims to power and stop that bloody partition of this sub continent which led to the biggest genocide in the history of man kind . So much so far as the non violence us considered !!

  46. silly young kid. trying to get famous with bull shit. how does he claim to know the truth abt Gandhi anyway?

  47. Now different dimensions of the personality are coming up.Content of Mr. JJ Kapoor’s story is based on the revelations by different writers in the homeland of Gandhi..India.He played a fraud with the Sikh minority.He and Jawahar Lal had promised the sikhs to provide a geographical area where the Sikhs could enjoy the warmth of Independence after India got freedom, but both proved to be liars.J.J.Singh has successfully teared apart the popular narrative woven around Mr.Gandhi.

  48. Gandhi was not perfect either and so was Nehru too. Indian history says because of Gandhi idealogy, we achieved freedom that’s a lie, many people and factors were involved and many lives were sacrificed, bit we tend to overlook those because they are not as important as him.

  49. Keep up the great work! Very well presented. Hope we have more kids growing up like you. We love to hear more stories like this one in the future.

  50. Gandhi is a bum dude just became famous to become a political leader secretly Dr. Amkabar (don’t know his spelling of name)citied he realzied ghandi no God man but a political leader creating illusion from his appearance but having a different agenda. He got Bagat Singh killed partition slept with his grand daughter etc dudes is a pervert and a con. Him and Neru best buddies look at their lineage both Neru ghandi destroyed India partition caused deaths in thr masses and now conflict between countries indra ghandi election fraud attacked harminder sahib created genocide, Rajiv killed many tamils. Obviously corruption discrimination etc, do your own research uncover the truth, if a dude can sleep with his own neice naked to prove sexual restraint ppl need to make the connection this guy is fucked.

  51. I agree with Kulvanth Kaur. I studied in Indian schools and was brain washed like everyone else. It took me many years of living outside India to realise what freedom means. It’s a complete myth that Gandhi and associates brought the freedom. For centuries people in India have been living like slaves. They were slaves of their religious beliefs and corruption e.g., cast system, Brahamans and Rajas. Then they became slaves of Mughals and then British. Now they have become slaves again of Hindutva and RSS type organisations led by most corrupt politicians belonging to Congress and BJP. All they’ve done is to change mythology into history and history into mythology. People living in India don’t know what freedom means. They are used to living in a jail and in fear. They can’t think or speak with their own minds. They have been completely brain washed.
    Thanks JJ for opening up our eyes and minds. You are brilliant and we salute you. Please continue to enlighten and entertain us. Thank you.

  52. Excellence emanates from a truth at heart, J J KAPUR is born with that basic from Faith his mother. Orating focused on the Truth , he made this comment Originator particularly proud . Bravo

  53. Gandhi’s letters/columns in the Gujarati language supported caste discrimination, which were contrary to his English articles. The British empire, the Indian & Pakistani politicians and some of the elites on all sides benefited from the partition into India and Pakistan. While the people paid the price. Maybe that’s why he was assasinated? Power Politics is always dirty, no matter how much we decorate it. But people always love a good story. So it seems to work.

  54. Here we go again.We. are so obsessed into finding faults and wanting to talk what generally people want to hear.?Being a Sikh myself I cannot talk to him about my LORD GURU NANAK as much as he is talking about MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND MAHATMA GANDHI. Assuming it to be true though it is not then so what ?. Does it make any difference to us in wanting better ourselves spiritually or economically or any other ventures for that matter. Does he dare talk about other spiritualists or religionists ? We are so handicapped not to respond likewise to reflect our GODLINESS in us rather than to reply or unearthing some dirt to go down to their level as how they deserve it to be ? People like them can even doubt their own parent’s infidelity.
    Even in India we are literally highlighting as who is the true father of Indian Independence or who is responsible for the mess we are in.Japan would not have skyrocketed if they had done what we are doing ?

  55. In a competition facts and illusions are often distorted. Gandhi never held himself out as a saint. Whilst the oratory is powerful it beLIES the fact that Gandhi was an extraordinary man who with others took on the might of the colonialists to free his homeland. And that without resorting to violence. Shameful to denigrate people in this manner.

  56. Gandhi’s autobiography written by some renowned writer has declared him a gay. He went to jail for his own safety and fame. He was responsible for Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Dutt hanging. Because Bhagat Singh started taking more attention of general public and being so young he was taken as threat as Leader.
    Jalianwala massacre happened with his consent because Independence movement was more strong and powerful in Punjab than rest of India.

  57. Gandhism is the need of hours that are in the process of moving to self annihilation of society..whoever may criticise him and his deeds may require some deep understanding now..mere ignorance can’t reveal the proper understanding…let the Sikh boy speak about unpatriotic persons who belong to his community…

  58. I commend this person, but we dont need him. Godse’s (the assassinater) last statement is all you need to know about Gandhi.

  59. Good for him, shows us that we should not stereotype anyone on there persona and to respect each other, have a go yourself if you can do better otherwise don’t criticise, well done!!

  60. This is all rubbish & manipulated divulgence of irresponsible thoughts of shallow minded think tanks who r bent upon to tarnish the images of our patriotic nationalist’s who spent most of their valuable lifetime in jails facing atrocities for the freedom /uplift of common people of India. My orator son has forgotten to mention that Gandhi ji sacrificed his life for untouchables sects of our complex society. His allegations of sexual assaults on women is just spitting on sky which ultimately fall on ones own face.

  61. Smart political kid. He knew the judges must’ve been PC hillary voters, so pandered to their prejudices on Trump!
    while at narrative puncturing, it would have been interesting if he had punctured the narrative of Obama or America’s ‘just wars’ or the muslim as eternal victims narratives in the MSM – of which sikhs are the victims. It’s easy to puncture Gandhi in the US, not that I disagree with the content. But then, he’s a kid out to win a prize and busting these may not win you the prize.

  62. Simplistic approach.The very fact that he was killed by HINDU fundamentalist shows that he represented secularism.

    Simplistic The very fact that he was assassinated by a hindu fundamentalist shows that he was against religious fundamentalism.

  63. Useful contents. Contains all round remarks across societies, age, the variations help understanding the feelings on the subject. I as an individual give my thumbs up.

  64. Gandhiji never ever saw himself
    as a saint or a revered higher being.

    He acknowledged and owned up to
    his faults and imperfections.

    Nevertheless, he achieved and set
    India onto the path of freedom from
    the British, in a way, that has never
    been achieved by any other, in the
    modern world!

    Through non-violence and
    sheer belief in India itself and
    everything it possessed and

    Now, this young man has chosen to
    ‘de-mystify’ and ‘de-myth’ Gandhiji
    and his ‘history’ outside of India
    and to a Western World audience
    at that.

    It baffles me that he has
    done that because NO one in the
    West will ever run down their own
    historical figures and heroes who
    too were no saints or perfect idols!

    From Churchill to JF Kennedy, from
    Roosevelt to Pompidou….all hailed
    as heroes….ALL with a very dark
    side….but considered and revered
    as heroes nonetheless!

    I would like to see this young man
    try and walk in Gandhiji’s hallowed
    footsteps to see if he can achieve
    even a microcosmic amount of
    what Gandhiji did for India at his
    own sacrifice!

  65. I think he is trying to get famous by critisizing Indians.
    Lets see if he gets first prize by speaking against Queen of England who is responsible for worldwide colonialism or against Bill Clinton for famous Monica case.

    It is shame that modren generation of immigrant parents see only vice in their roots.

  66. I grew up on british films of Gandhi.. aswell as Jesus and others. The fact it took me.. some 30 years plus before realising the film was a myth.. he is not quite the saint.. depicted. But even now so many of my western friends repeatedly quote Gandhi.. for just about any quote. We are far too brainwashed.. in so many ways.
    So much of the big media.. will remain with agenda and more than biased at times. Glad to say.. there are Indians who are aware of more accurate history of the british raaj.. and independence movements. There were many heroes, that were Never called Gandhi, and gave their all and more. About time wider world hears of real heroes. Gandhi signed for the hanging of freedom fighters.. shortly prior to independence that should say something.

  67. Well done !A great expose ! Gandhi was as responsible as Jinnah and the British for biggest human tragedy on earth.
    Branding him anbassdor of non voilence is a big injustice to the innocent souls of the victims of 1947 partition

  68. What is HISTORY.. It is HIS STORY. So the whole world is telling a story. The author has put his words like a story which everybody wants to read. The orator is a story teller. A good one because he has got everybodys attention

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