Snatam Kaur to perform at Grammy Awards


 “In the Sikh tradition, music has always been a part of life,” says musician and kirtani Snatam Kaur who will take the stage at the 61st Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday (10 Feb 2019).

The Wilton-based recording artist will perform “Darashan Maago,” a song on her latest album Beloved, which is nominated for best album in the new age category.

Snatam, whose parents embraced Sikhism when she was young, has released 15 albums.

In the interview with NHPR, she says: “As a teenager, when I would have a hard time, I would go to the family meditation room, sit down and sing. That’s how I kind off learnt to cope with my problems.”

Snatam has performed kirtan and concerts at various countries, including Malaysia and Singapore.

Read the full report ‘New Hampshire’s Snatam Kaur Takes The Stage At The Grammys’ and listen to the interview here.


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