Aussie Sikhs raise funds for Christchurch victims

The fundraiser was initiated by Auckland-based Jaspreet Singh with the support of Sikh Supreme Society

Special prayer ceremonies were organised in the local Gurdwaras to pay tributes to the victims of Christchurch terror attacks. Photo: SBS Punjabi / Supplied

The Sikh community in New Zealand rallied together to raise more than NZ$60,000 for victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings, reports SBS Punjabi.

The fundraiser was initiated by Auckland-based Jaspreet Singh with the support of Sikh Supreme Society.

Jaspreet had made an appeal to the local community to assist the victims of Christchurch mosque shootings through this fundraiser on Facebook.

Check out the report (Sikh community raises funds for Christchurch victims; SBS Punjabi, 11 April 2019) and interview in Punjabi, here.



Christchurch mosque attacks: Sikh leaders call to embrace oneness of humanity (Asia Samachar, 16 March 2019)


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  1. And how much did anyone donate to victims of Muslim suicide attacks that killed 20 Sikh politicians in Afghanistan?Or any other attack against Sikhs worldwide?How much were donated to Western victims of Radical Islamic Terrorism,suicide attacks,beheadings etc?They have already collected 10 million through Gofundme and have many oil rich countries donating millions to them.

    Just food for thought.This money is better spent donating to
    Ensaaf is a non profit organization working to end impunity and achieve justice for crimes against humanity in India,with a special focus on Punjab.This non-profit is focused mainly on victims on the 1984 anti-Sikh Genocide sponsored by the Indian Government and perpetrated by violent Hindu mobs and the Indian Army and Police.