Three Singaporeans start epic Singapore-Pakistan overland trip

Gurcharan Singh, Amarjit Singh and Salljit Singh with the Jeep as they are about to embark on their 6-nation journey from Pardesi Khalsa Dharmik Diwan in Singapore – Photo: Sikh Sewaks Singapore Facebook Page
By Asia Samachar Team | SINGAPORE |

Three Singaporeans rolled out for a six-nation overland trip which will end in Nankana Sahib, the city in Pakistan where Guru Nanak was born.

The trip is to commemorate the 550th birth of the Sikh faith founder.

The trio – Gurcharan Singh, Amarjit Singh and Salljit Singh – are traveling by a Jeep. They started their journey at Pardesi Khalsa Dharmik Diwan in Geylang earlier today (2- Sept).

They will travel through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, India and Pakistan.

As the Singapore trio begin their epic journey, a group of Malaysian Sikh bikers has now reached Pakistan in another over-land journey connected to the commemoration of Guru Nanak’s birth.

The bikers, led by the Santana Bikerz Mc, reached Akal Takht, the last of the final takhts that they had planned to visit, on Thursday. The next day, five of the bikers, who had left Kuala Lumpur on Sept 25, left for Pakistan.

They are riding to raise funds for the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) to help them manage the younger patients.



Sikh bikers on cancer charity ride reach first takht (Asia Samachar, 8 Oct 2019)


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  1. I woulds like to put across an information that will have to go down the generation to come so that it does not get lost down the coming era. When ever we mention Birth Place of Guru Nanak Dev ji, Please mention it as
    Guru Nanak Dev ji was born in the then undivided India in a town called “Talwandi, now in Pakistan.

    This fact should always be mentioned because I feel that Pakistan will take the credit and make business out of the fact when they start calling the “Mecca of the Sikhs” in Pakistan. I feel History will be distorted down 100 years to come. its the duty of this generation to keep mentioning the word “Undivided India then”