Time for lady devotional musicians to shine

Mystik Kaur brandishing ‘KAUR – Breaking Barriers’ T-shirt
By Mystik Kaur | OPINION |

KAUR , that’s my last name. It means Princess. I was bestowed this name when I was born and I am lucky that my parents decided NOT to add a family name after the ‘Kaur’, because now my family has become much bigger as I am a sister, daughter and mother to millions of KAURs around the world and not just to my own family.

One of the many reasons why I chose to come out publicly in the way I have especially for Devotional music is that I have always found it disturbing that in this space, ‘Devotional Music’, continues to be heavily male dominated. Don’t get me wrong. I have deep respect for my fellow male/Singh musicians, but I do see the large disparity in numbers where we say that women are equal if not greater then men but yet the numbers paint a different picture.

And this applies to all aspects of the world where today in such a ‘progressive society’ we still see ladies or KAURs being underrepresented in almost every area….

So here I am, 1 Kaur trying to make a difference in the area I am in: music and art. Devotional music, Bollywood covers and Punjabi/Hindi music, trying to pave the way for many other of my peers and younger sisters who wanted to venture forth but were suppressed for whatever reason (family pressure, societal expectation, low self esteem etc).

It’s time to rise my sisters! And you are not alone. I’m so happy that many sisters have reached out to me to show love and support, like my sisters at @akaurbrand who designed this awesome T-shirt which says ‘KAUR – Breaking Barriers’. I will be wearing more of their Kaur designed apparel so check them out and support them if you can!

It’s time for the KAURS!

(The article has been adapted from Mystik Kaur’s social media sharing)



Kirtan: Mool Mantar track by Amrita Kaur & Yadvinder Singh (Asia Samachar, 12 March 2020)


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  1. Good luck. Whatever you do keep your Soul and Sikhi intact. Don’t negotiate with it as in the entertainment business there are many predators who prey on impressionable young women who want to make it big. Stick to the middle path and you will go far.

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