The Deadline: Thai sisters on emotional roller-coaster ride

A scene from Thai family comedy drama series The Deadline
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“Death isn’t scary,” a cancer-stricken father tells his daughter from the hospital bed.

His youngest daughter is not amused. Not easy digesting the possibility of losing someone right before your eyes.

“Things only seem scary because we don’t understand them,” the father goes on. “Once we understand them, they won’t be scary anymore.”

“How do you know you’ve had it all?” she shoots back a question, breaking the somber mood.

If you’re in the shoes of the father, what would you say? This question surely made me think.

“I haven’t. No one can have everything. We can only have enough,” the father replies.

Well said. If you’re looking for a touching Thai family drama, with a dose of comedy, watch The Deadline (Netflix, 2018).

In the eight-episode series, the father is talking to Eoey, the youngest of his three daughters. She later ends up battling cancer herself.

The role was wonderfully played by Nink Chanya McClory, a Thai actress with mixed British, Chinese and Thai origin. In real life, Nink was also reported to be recovering from a brain tumor surgery.

Nink was in her elements in Episode 5, my personal favourite. The producers successfully weaved in and out of the past. Viewers get a glimpse of how the father and three daughters struggled after the death of his wife.

The series begins with a young girl attending a self-help group for cancer patients. She’s suffering from lymphoma.

And soon she will be dashing to her father’s funeral. The writer-father has just succumbed to cancer. The next scene has the three sisters, clad in black, facing guests at the funeral.

As requested by their father, they read out his letter written for his own funeral. He announces that he has written a book entitled ‘My Death Is Nothing Out Of The Ordinary’, which he tells them they can purchase from bookshops in town. A writer with a sense of humour.

My exposure to Thai culture is limited to the few darting visits to Bangkok and the border. Hence, this mini-series is a window, albeit a narrow one, to the Thai world. This was made possible by a partnership between online entertainment provider Netflix and Thai content producer LINE TV. They had recently agreed to launch eight original contents to be streamed in 18 countries across Asia.

Aside from The Deadline, the other titles are “Instinct”, “Abandoned”, “Great Men Academy”, “The Collector”, “Together with Me: The Next Chapter” and “Social Syndrome”. (Readers, if anyone caught any of the other titles here, do give us a shout).

The Deadline does not disappoint. We get a front row seat into the lives of the three sisters. The eldest is a competitive executive gunning for promotion. But pushing close to 40, she is pressured by the ticking of her maternal clock. She desperately wants to get pregnant.

The middle child is the wannabe actress facing a hard time landing roles. She’s the emotional wreck in the family. She makes it up with caring for the younger sister who’s preparing to undergo chemotherapy sessions.

But Eoey is having a tough time with her prescribed diet. The egg white is killing her! At one point, just as she reaches her breaking point, her phone beeps, flashing a message from a fellow cancer patient: “Pain means you’re still alive.”

This was one of the good lines in the series. On the whole, the dialogues are well written and the acting is good. The mini series will take you on a roller-coaster ride as the three sisters face their daily struggles.

Movie Walla’s Rating: If you’re new to Thai movies, then do catch this series. And if you’ve ran out of stuff to watch, get on board.



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