Pardon me, we’re bluntly flouting Covid-19 rules

We see marriages taking place as grandly as was before the pandemic. Ceremonies like 'geet', 'mayian', 'chooda', 'jago' and dinners are in full swing - KDM president SANTOKH SINGH RANDHAWA

By Santokh Singh Randhawa | Letter Malaysia |

Covid-19 is on the rise, breaking records daily. It is not likely to abate in the near future. The government has, and is, taking steps to bring the pandemic under some control. The Government efforts goes to waste if the public is not cooperating and following the rules and regulations.

Malaysia is made up of so many ethnic racial groups and the Prime Minister is paying attention to the basic needs of the races especially their SOCIAL and RELIGIOUS obligations.

As we observe, unfortunately, it is from these social and religious obligations that give rise to new to Covid-19 ‘clusters’.

Special rules apply to gatherings, especially religious festivals and marriages. It is here that I would like to draw the attention of the Sikh community towards these gatherings, especially marriages.

Pardon me if I say that at many places, we are bluntly flouting the rules endangering the community at large and, in particular, the young, the children and the aged. We see marriages taking place as grandly as was before the pandemic. Ceremonies like ‘geet’, ‘mayian’, ‘chooda’, ‘jago’ and dinners are in full swing.

The religious functions such as Gurpurbs are somewhat controlled.

Death is inevitable. It is regrettable that sometimes dear and near ones are unable to attend funerals and Phog ceremonies, being trapped in other districts or countries. These dear and near ones are miss the last rites. But we still see large gatherings of friends and acquaintances gathered at such ceremonies. We hear news of the spread of the virus from these places.

My fellow Sikhs. Let us cooperate with the Government, and the leaders to overcome this pandemic. The Malaysia Gurdwara Council (MGC) and Sikh Naujawan Sabah Malaysia (SNSM) and other organisations have provided guidelines. Keep the marriages as brief as possible. According to Sikh Rahit Meryada (SRM), the basic necessity are the ‘lavan“. Minimum numbers of both families can congregate at the Gurdwara Sahib to get the marriage performed. The families can postpone the dinners, etc, till better times.

Likewise, keep the death necessities among the very close ones. After all, it is the dear and near that bears the loss as Gurbani says: “Jis tan legeh sooi tan jaaneh.” Others can send messages and wait for better time to visit the bereaved family.

I am aware that the Sikh Community is in the fore front serving the needy at these difficult times. I am aware that the Sikhs brave themselves to rush to the aid of the unable. I am aware that Sikhs move to the front as the Bani says ‘Jis ko prem Khelen ka chao sir thar teli geli meri aao‘, At the same time, let us take care of ourselves first so that we live to help others.

Khalsa Diwan Malaysia is strictly following the rules to open up our Punjabi Education Centres (PEC). Except for students sitting for SPM paper, other students are attending ‘on-line’ classes. SPM students have face-to-face tutorials.

Ones the pandemic goes out of hand, there will be untold misery, catastrophe, pain and loss of life. Khalsa Diwan Malaysia appeals that the Sikhs be vigilant and take care of themselves.

Sarbat da Phalla.

(Santokh Singh Randhawa is the president of Khalsa Diwan Malaysia)



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  1. There are many Sikh families postponing weddings of their children simply because they are unable to have grand wedding celebrations due to restrictions imposed due to Covid 19 pandemic. I have even spoken to some families to have simpler weddings but they reject the idea of a simple, small scale wedding. It is the ego in humans that compels them to compete in organising grand scale weddings.


    Satvinder Kaur: I still cannot understand punjabis and lavish weddings. Some get into debt just to show off. Donate that money to people who really need it. If more people were realistic there will be less poverty in the world.

    DrCharanjit Kaur: Such a good time to jimat … haiya why do grand wedding? No one will remember our wedding day … all come to makan & socialize ?

    Jagdev Kaur Jassal” Well said Sir.

    Sharon Nermal Sidhu: Let’s get this sardar ji to help out our farmers in India since he can give a good write up.

    Keshvinder Kaur Ghuman: Well said Uncleji. Seriously, I think the community has to stop being selfish at once and start thinking in the larger perspective what is more important now during these trying times. During late last year when numbers have already started soaring high people openly held weddings etc with large no of gatherings, observing all the ceremonies at unacceptable numbers and some openly portraying them on social media. And then these will be the same events where clusters after clusters will appear. Some sense of mind and responsibility please ??. What is not that important can do it later when the pandemic is under control. Do whats more important pls and spare others’ lives and well being.

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