How did students fare in SPM Punjabi language? Here are the results

A total of 40 students sat for the Punjabi Language paper in 2020, in which all but one passed recording a 97.5% pass rate.

By Jaginder Singh Raipatti | MALAYSIA | 

In the recently announced 2020 SPM examination results, the Punjabi Language paper once again recorded an excellent performance.

A total of 40 students sat for the Punjabi Language paper in 2020, in which all but one passed recording a 97.5% pass rate. The number of students who obtained A+, A and A- was 26, which makes up 65% of the students.

The results of the Punjabi Language paper are better, both in terms of quality and quantity, compared to the results of other languages tested in the SPM examination.

In 2019, 56 students sat for the Punjabi Language paper. The pass rate was 100% with 75% of the students scoring A+, A or A-.

While the results for 2020 show a slight dip in comparison to 2019, we have to take into account the various difficulties and challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The 2020 batch of students had a rough and bumpy ride with schools closing and reopening depending on the movement control orders (MCOs) in effect, with exam dates being rescheduled, classes being held online and observing an endless list of SOPs, etc.

It was even more difficult for those who sat for the Punjabi Language paper. The Punjabi Education Centres (PECs) nationwide under the programme run by Khalsa Diwan Malaysia (KDM) were closed in compliance with the Government directives, and the weekly classroom lessons could not be conducted.

However, this did not stop the momentum nor kill the spirit within. The PEC Management Boards and the teachers, with the support from KDM and the parents, soldiered on by conducting online classes to prepare the students. A lot of effort, time and energy were put in, both by the teachers and students, to ensure the performance of students sitting for the Punjabi Language paper was not adversely affected. The results obtained for 2020 are testimony to the fact that the effort, time and energy put in were worth it.

KDM would like to congratulate the high achievers and all the students who sat for the Punjabi Language paper. It was pure joy teaching and learning Punjabi with you. Keep up the good work and keep promoting the Punjabi Language.

KDM would also like to thank the teachers and the PEC Management Boards, parents and the Sikh community for all the support, commitment and dedication for the noble role played in preserving and uplifting the use of Punjabi Language.

We hope that the community will continue supporting us in developing and promoting the use of Punjabi Language in Malaysia. We would also like to thank MITRA (Unit Transformasi Masyarakat India Malaysia) for the support extended, and hope that we can continue working together with them to further promote the use of the Punjabi Language.

To put it in a nutshell, a big THANK YOU to everyone involved in developing and promoting the Punjabi Language. All our effort has paid off. We aim to do better next time with your support.

Jaginder Singh Raipatti is the secretary of the Punjabi Education Board, the education wing of the Khalsa Diwan Malaysia (KDM)



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  1. Well done. Congratulations on the success in what you and the staff have been doing all along.

  2. ……. To
    The Khalsa Diwan Malaysia , Punjabi Education Centres , Gurudwaras , the Punjabi community and all concerned ….. Keep Up the Good Work ? and Keep it Going ?
    ??????? Congratulations to all !

  3. Excellent performance reflecting the dedication, commitment and hard work of the students, parents, teachers, PECs around the country and the solid team of the championing body, Khalsa Diwan Malaysia. Also the Gurdwaras supporting the teaching and learning of the language. Well done all. Congratulations !!!

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