Aam Aadmi train guns on political reject Simranjit Singh Mann

Simranjit Singh Mann

By Prabhjot Singh | Opinion |

Aam Aadmi Party (AAM) training all their guns, big and small, on Simranjit Singh Mann over the Bhagat Singh issue is a classic political diversionary trick, to take away the political heat over the Raghav Chadha issue.

Simranjit Mann is a political reject of Punjab who has got a political dead cat bounce recently due to disillusion with Congress/Akalis and anger at AAP as well as death of the two Sidhus. Left to his own devises,Mann Sahib was going only one way — i.e. downhill.

Mann’s antics and utterances are often an embarrassment even to his own core supporters. His persistent incapability to lead the “panth”, frittering away multiple opportunities, authoritarianism and selling of a Khalistan pipe dream makes him an electoral misfit despite his recent rebranding as “Budha Sher”. He is more Senile than Sher. A rotary phone in an age of Iphones.

His continued presence at the Panthic centerstage long after his sell off date speaks more about the inability of the Panth to reinvent, refresh or reimagine itself rather than any merits on Mann’s part.

That AAP has picked up such a “soft target” is not only to divert attention from its own “Raghav” problem but also to artificially build up Simranjit Mann. Building up Mann can only polarise Punjab which AAP hopes will lead to the collapse of the centre and further fracture away the political space of Punjab to its advantage.

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