Zoom classes for Gurbani Grammar & Anand Sahib


By Asia Samachar | Sikhi |

The class will transform the way you read and understand Gurbani. That is what some of previous learners have said about the classes conducted by Giani Jaspal Singh Pandhi, a Sikh parcharak who had served as a granthi at a Malaysian gurdwara.

Two classes via Zoom are set to begin next week. The Anand Sahib discourse will begin kickstart on Tuesday (July 19) while the Gurbani Grammar & Shud Paath Santhiaa on Thursday (July 21).

If interested, call or Whatsapp Bachan Kaur +6012-621-6273 or Pritam Singh +6016-216-2474. (Payment: RM30 per month).

WHAT TO EXPECT IN THE CLASS? Here’s a sample. Giani Jaspal is explaining Salok Mehala 9 (Part-16). Click here.


Gurbani classes with Subang granthi (Asia Samachar, 30 Nov 2021)

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  1. Very good endeavour indeed. Without understanding the grammar Gurbani cannot be understood. It’s not about learning grammar to write or express but learning grammar to understand. I believe this is the only scripture in the world where grammar need to be understood before appreciating the message of our Gurus. Is it not amazing. The grammar of SGGS is entirely different from the grammar that we need to learn for writing a Punjabi story or literature. It is honestly an amazing lense to observe from.

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