Canada remembers Sikh Genocide


By Asia Samachar | Canada |

The beginning of November of 1984 marked the #SikhGenocide. Sikh homes were marked and burned down. Sikh families were sent into hiding and lost everything.

For the past few year World Sikh Organization of Canada has encouraged Sikhs to mark their own homes at the start of November out of observance, remembrance, and defiance. We survived the genocide and mark our own homes in strength. We name, on our own terms, that we live here.

‘I am so moved to do this every year and I encourage all Sikhs to join in and share their photos and join our #TheyLiveHere campaign,” shared one participant.

Homes in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba remember the lives lost in November 1984. They join the campaign by lighting a candle outside of their homes to remember the shaheeds and survivors of November 1984. #TheyLiveHere #SikhGenocide #NeverForget1984

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