Guru Granth Sahib Project: Three Sabads of ‘Maru Kaphi’ by Guru Nanak Sahib


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The Guru Granth Sahib Project has launched the annotation of three Sabads of ‘Maru Kaphi’ by Guru Nanak Sahib in Rag Maru Kaphi. Maru is a rag (musical mode) that evokes feelings of enthusiasm and zeal. Click here for the video.

In the first Sabad, the miserable life of a separated being and the blissful life of a united being is described. Then a plea is made for grace so that the seeker’s mind can be dyed in the love of IkOankar (the Divine). Separated from IkOankar, the seeker is surrounded by flaws and sufferings. Even if the being has numerous worldly comforts, they continue to suffer in separation. The bliss of union with IkOankar is experienced when the being reflects on and enshrines the Wisdom (Guru) in the heart. The being who reflects on the Wisdom is freed from ego and arrogance and receives honor in the court of IkOankar.

In the second Sabad, it is stated that our relationship with truth-oriented beings never breaks. Worldly relationships are formed and end in the world itself; they do not last forever. Those who are disconnected from the Wisdom fall into the trap of worldly attachments and waste their lives away. The ones who have developed a love for the Wisdom connect with the eternal IkOankar and achieve freedom from worldly attachments and ego. They make their lives fruitful.

In the third Sabad, it has been stated that no one is foolish or wise by themselves. All are playing the game of life under the command of IkOankar. The so-called great kings and scholars, who forget the Nam of IkOankar and consider transient things permanent, are foolish. The realization of Nam can only come through the Wisdom, and it is through Nam that life becomes fruitful.

May wisdom enter our consciousness and connect us to Nam!


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