Ride 2 Serve: Singapore cycling group gathering steam for fund raising tour of Malaysia.

Ride2Serve night ride on CNY as they prepare for their fund raising ride in Peninsular Malaysia in March 2023

By Jat Singh | Singapore |

On Saturday night, some 20 cyclists joined a 88km Chinese New Year night ride. They have a larger mission in mind. They are part of the cycling group that will set out for a tour of Malaysia to raise funds for noble purposes back at home.

Meet the Ride 2 Serve (R2S). The Covid-19 pandemic may have scuttled their rides for the last few years, but not their spirits. They are as enthusiastic as in the past.

The night ride on Jan 21 was part of their weekly training and practice along the coastal roads of Singapore in preparation for their Grand Tour of West Malaysia when they intend to hit Port Dickson, Malacca and Batu Pahat before returning to Singapore. That is happening in March 2023.

With currently over 50 participants including cyclists, marshals and other volunteers, the group shows no sign of having been benched these past years since their last trans-border expedition in 2019. In place, at one glance, a rather highly spirited gang of individuals across various age groups, gender, ethnicity and even physique meets our eyes.

“Cycling is an extremely fun activity, healthy too, something many of us know since young,” says Luvinderpal (Paul) Singh, one of team members, tells Asia Samachar. “The activity has grown in popularity during Covid especially but we (R2S) have been together as a family even before lockdown and all that. We have been cycling to raise funds for the needy for years and years”.

Behind the enthusiasm and high morale of the cyclists prevails a common bond between all characters helmed by benevolent desires to return good to society.

This year, R2S shall direct all funds raised through their efforts to the Sikh Welfare Council (SIWEC) and Sun-Love, that in turn shall utilise the donations for their charitable initiatives. In addition to the two beneficiaries, R2S also takes part in collaborative projects as well, to provide “free-meals”on regular and festive calendars to the needy in the community. Funding is predicated upon various forms of outreach to different public demographics.

Personal donations, pledges in support of cyclists’ mileage, funds raised at booths during special events, corporate sponsorships and even anonymous contributions form the main components of R2S fund raising modus- operandi.

The Malaysia ride will take place between March 10 and 13, 2023: Port Dickson-Batu Pahat-Singapore (310km) or Malacca-Batu Pahat-Singapore (240km).

If you are keen to cycle, contact Paul (90043954) or click here. Registrations close on 28 Jan 2023. Marshals and other volunteers are most welcome please. Corporate sponsorships and donations hotline: +65 84663826


On the ground with SIWEC (Asia Samachar, 3 Dec 2021)

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