Damning report! London’s Metropolitan police officer cuts beard of fellow Sikh officer


By Asia Samachar | Britain |

A Sikh officer had his beard trimmed because another officer thought it was funny. In another racist incident, a Sikh officer’s turban was put in a shoebox, probably for the fun of it.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of the widespread bullying in the London’s police force identified in a report which has called the outfit as institutionally racist, misogynist and homophobic. Click here for the report.

Former judge Louise Casey today revealed the content of her damning report which shows how the Met police was broken, rotten and suffering collapsing public trust.

She also revealed how a Muslim officer had bacon stuffed in his boots while minority ethnic officers were much more likely to be disciplined or leave.

The report was commissioned by the Met after one of its officers abducted Sarah Everard, taking her from from a London street in March 2021, before raping and murdering her, is one of the most damning of a major British institution .

The 363-page report details disturbing stories of sexual assaults, usually covered up or downplayed, with 12% of women in the Met saying they had been harassed or attacked at work, and one-third experiencing sexism, reports The Guardian.

“The Met has yet to free itself of institutional racism. Public consent is broken. The Met has become unanchored from the Peelian principle of policing by consent set out when it was established,” she told reporters.

On page 241 of the report, you will find the following entry: On being targeted for your beliefs: “There have been a number of incidents where baptised [Sikh] officers are picked on. One officer had his beard cut because an officer thought it was funny. Another officer had his turban put into a shoe box because they thought it was funny. Unless we educate our officers then this will happen.”

On page 308, the report noted that experiences of the officers make it difficult for ethnic minority officers to recommend other people of colour to join the Met. Many ethnic minority officers told us that they are doubly isolated: Isolated at work by virtue of their colour; and isolated in their community by virtue of having joined the Met, it said.

“I still don’t feel comfortable advising Sikhs to join the Met,” according to one quote on the page.


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