What is a sirapo? Watch Satdeep Singh’s short film


By Asia Samachar | Short Filem Review |

Siropa, a 14-minute film released last year, is a wonderful attempt at bringing underlying the true meaning behind the word sirapo (robe of honour).

At gurdwaras or Sikh functions, you would have encountered instances where people are called up and honoured, usually with a robe placed around their neck. They call this a siropa.

In this short film by an Australian production house Akaal Fauj, the short film depicts the annual journey of wealthy businessman Randhir Singh and his family to their ancestral village.

Ah, if you’re a driving safety freak, then you would have noticed the kid in the front passenger seat. Safety wise, he should be seated in the back, and buckled. But that’s has nothing to do with the storyline.

As with many such wealthy individuals, folks like Randhir make big donations to their village gurdwaras or other outfits, usually to stroke their ego. Of course, some do it for the betterment of their ancestral village.

Randhir is looking forward to the siropa he will get when he makes yet another big donation.

On the way to the village, they encounter an incident, which instructs him on the true meaning of the siropa.

Well, as with many such short films, it carries a message, but you can more or less guess how the story would unfold. Still, worth a watch if you can spare the time.

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