IELTS brides from Panjab – Report


By Asia Samachar | Panjab |

A new trend has emerged in Panjab where parents look for marriages for their 18 or 19-year-old daughters in a bid to financially support their pursuit of education abroad.

The parents seek grooms, who can shoulder the financial burden of their daughters’ educational expenses, reports Tribune News Service.

The messages and posts are being circulated by marriage bureaus on social media platforms. One of the messages quoted goes like this: “Girl’s study visa arrived, package Rs 25 lakh, interested families can enquire.”

The report noted that in the past families sold their land and houses to settle their children abroad.

Within these packages, expenses associated with the girl’s study visa as well as the cost of marriage ceremonies, court registrations, travel and other miscellaneous expenditures are included. Matrimonial posts even assure the security of the funds through methods such as giving cheques or using the family’s property as collateral with the groom’s family, according to the report.

Raminder Singh, a proprietor of a local marriage bureau, told the news agency that such arrangements were often made discreetly, involving intermediaries like immigration agents or IELTS centre heads, who took commission for their roles.

However, he added that the scene has changed and the families are now more openly engaging marriage bureaus to connect with prospective partners who can fund their daughters’ overseas studies.

“There’s a growing craze for securing opportunities for children to settle abroad. Approximately, 90 per cent of the marriage profiles we’re receiving pertain to identifying suitable NRI boys or girls,” he was quoted in the report.

Prof MP Singh, a social activist from Jalandhar, has been vociferously opposing the trend and highlighting the challenges faced by students studying abroad. He expresses concern about the fate of students who, despite venturing abroad for education, often find themselves without job, the report added.

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