Kabli Pulao: When a Lahori man meets an Afghan refugee

Sabeena Farooq as Barbeena in Kabli Pulao

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What happens when a Lahori middle-aged man gets entangled by chance with a young Afghan refugee? A perfect recipe for a drama series that has apparently taken the Pakistani television industry by storm.

Kabli Pulao begins with Haji Mushtaq, an upright 51-year-old single man from Lahore, ends up with Barbeena, an Afghan girl in need, as his wife. Until then, Mushtaq has been leading a simple and straightforward life, always going out of his way to help his family and people around him.

In the exciting and riveting opening episode, Mushtaq brings Barbeena back to his village. Its no ordinary day as his niece is about to get married. The house is packed with family and relatives. So, you can imagine this 51-year-old uncle bringing home a new bride, all clad in purdah. How will the family members react?

The reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the first episode, and is now halfway through the second. Still going strong, propelled forward with quality production, solid acting and powerful scripting. And you have the injection of the Pakhtun culture and social values.

Kabli Pulao‘s narrative takes a daring turn with the portrayal of an unconventional love story, according to one of the reviews of the drama. It noted that the drama series dares to explore a relationship between an Afghan refugee and a Pakistani man.

Barbeena’s role is ably carried by Sabeena Farooq, a renowned Pakistani actress who gained prominence through her exceptional performance in Suno Chanda 2. Mushtaq is played by the multi-talented Mohammed Ehteshamuddin, a TV director, producer, screenwriter and actor. His notable works include the short films “Shahrukh Khan Ki Maut” and “Mein Sawa Paanch Bujay Aai Thi,” which were featured at the prestigious Kara Film Festival in 2005 and 2006, respectively.

You can view the series at Green Entertainment via Youtube. Click here for the first episode.


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