UM appoints Prof Ramesh Singh as Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Prof Ramesh Singh: Deputy Vice-Chancellor at UM

By Asia Samachar | Malaysia |

Universiti Malaya has appointed Prof Ir. Dr. Ramesh Singh Kuldip Singh as its Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development) for a three year term effective Dec 11, 2023.

He is believed to be the first Sikh deputy vice-chancellor at the nation’s oldest institution of higher education.

In February 2023, Ramesh was made the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International) at the Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten).

Ramesh, 53, has contributed immensely to the development and enhancement in science & technology in Malaysia, particularly in the field of ceramics engineering, with his work attracting great interest from the industries locally and internationally, according to his profile at the UM website.

Amongst his significant achievements include the development of an ageing resistant zirconia for steam environment, production of a novel nanostructured hydroxyapatite bioceramic derived from eggshells and bovine bones for orthopedic applications, and more recently is the tailoring of a novel electrical-conducive ceramic that is able to conduct electric current at room temperature without compromising on the mechanical properties.

The professor in mechanical and materials engineering has provided solutions to industrial problems and have developed new materials/products that exhibits enhance performance and reliability.


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