RSS / BJP drama in the name of the incomplete Ram Mandir / Temple!

Any Sikh who attends this function on January 22, 2024 at Ayodhya must be termed as a, “Guru Da Dhokhy and must be termed as Thankhaiya” - American Sikh Council

The inauguration of Ram Janmabhoomi Temple (am Mandir) in Ayodhya to be inaugurated on Jan 22, 2024 – Photo: Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra

By American Sikh Council Press Release |

Nanak Nirbhau Nirinkar Hor Ketey Ram Rawal,
Ketiyaan Kanh Kahaniyan Ketay Baid Bichaar
(SGGS 464)

Pandey Thumhra Ram Chand Sobhi Aavat Dekhya
Ravan Seti Sarbar Hoi Ghar Ki Goie Gwaee Thhe
(SGGS 875)

The word ‘Ram’ mentioned in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the omnipresent divine and absolutely not, the Ram the son of Dasrath in the Hindu myth.

The Sikhs have no axe to grind with the followers of Ram or the Temple in his name, anywhere! We are concerned though about the politicization and co-opting, impacting the Sikh Religion.

The Ram Mandir/Temple in Ayodhya, is being built on the blood of thousands of innocent Muslims and other minorities. Historical evidence has been thrown to the wind, but the ‘permanent caste majority’ (PCM) has used every tool, including the judiciary to rule in their favor, on absolutely flimsy grounds.

The ruling regime in the ‘Republic of India’ (ROI) seems to continually use the age-old Brahminical Chanakya-niti of ‘divide and rule’ politics since 2014, which has now taken it to a new level.

Centuries old historic gurdwaras have been demolished by the RSS/BJP followers, and Hindu temples or Buddhist temples have been built over them in the recent past. The following is only a short list of Gurdwaras: Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh; Guru Dogmar in Sikkim; Gyan Godri in Hardwar; Nanakbari in Hardwar; Gurdwara Nanak Bari near Reetha Sahib in Uttarakhand; Gurdwara Nanak Padao near Reetha Sahib; Gurdwara Almora in Uttarakhand; Gurdwara Paua Sahib, Gwalior related to Guru Hargobind Sahib; Gurdwara Manji Sahib Kalsi Uttarakhand, related to Guru Gobind Singhji; and Gurdwara Smadh Rani Jind Kaur at Ram Kund Nasik, Maharashtra.

When Sikh places of prayer are being forcibly demolished and taken over, how can Sikhs even dream of attending and/or participating in the inauguration of the Ram Mandir which has been built by razing a legitimate mosque to the ground. Furthermore, the Sikh ideology is radically different from Brahminical Hinduism. Sikh foundation beliefs stand on, complete equality and the welfare of all.

We are standing by the Guru’s immortal Order:

Na hum Hindu, Na Mussalman. Allah Ram ke pind praan.

Pandit Mullah chhadey Dou. Hamra Jhagra raha na kou.

Hindu poojey dehura. Mussalman maseet
Namey soee seweyaa. Jeh dehura na maseet

Rovey Ram nikaala bhayaa. Sita lakhman vichhar gya

Pakhaan gad ke moorat keeni, chhatee dhar k paon
Je eh moorat saachee hai tau gadhan haarey khao

The Hindus are inaugurating their Ram Mandir/Temple which is their internal issue and Sikhs should focus on getting our own house in order.

Sikhs around the world have strongly raised their voice against any kind of participation by Sikhs in this highly politicized and contentious grand opening. The American Sikh Council (ASC) is of the strong opinion that no Sikh should be attending this political stunt.

It is common knowledge that RSS/BJP teams are going around across many states forcibly coercing Sikhs at gurdwaras to celebrate the opening of the Ram Mandir/Temple. This hinduization must stop!

Because of the deafening silence of the Akal Takht and the SGPC, over a dozen Sikh activists and academics got together at the Kendri Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Chandigarh and did a fantastic job of being the voice of the Sikhs, to take a firm and clear stand on this issue.

Sikhs need to be really aware of RSS/BJP tainted politicians, parcharaks, granthis, etc., masquerading as Sikhs who are cajoling and coercing Sikh sangats to participate in this religious charade.

Any Sikh who attends this function on January 22, 2024 at Ayodhya must be termed as a, “Guru Da Dhokhy and must be termed as Thankhaiya”.

The American Sikh Council (ASC) stands with every right-thinking Sikh and Sikh organization everywhere and not be involved in the Ram Mandir/Temple affair.

The American Sikh Council is the umbrella organization representative of Sikhs in the United States. It is an elected body of Sikh Gurdwaras and institutions. Currently 74 Gurdwaras and other Sikh institutions across the nation are members of ASC. The major governing purpose of the organization is to represent the collective view of Sikhs in the United States. ASC works to promote Sikh interests at the national and international level focusing on issues of advocacy, education, and well-being of humankind.


The Ayodhya Gambit (Asia Samachar, 22 Jan 2024)

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