Full house for Aussie Sikh camp

Soccer chams at the 2024 SYA Sikh camp – Photo: SYA

By Asia Samachar | Australia |

Some 230 participants took part in the annual summer camp organised by the Sikh Youth Australia (SYA).

The four-days and five-nights which ended on Jan 14 was “Sold Out” three weeks before the date.

The camp was officially opened by the Parliamentary secretary for Multiculturism Hon Mark Buttigieg MLC.

“In terms of meeting our expectations, yes, we did,” SYA long-term senior volunteer Satwant Singh Calais told Asia Samachar.

The camp also held a kirtan competition. The participating jathas (groups) displayed amazing, exceeding the expectations of judges Dya Singh and Manpreet Singh, two popular kirtan and parcharaks who were involved in the camp.

Sikh Youth Australia's 2024 Sikh camp - Photo: SYA
Sikh Youth Australia’s 2024 Sikh camp – Photo: SYA

“We had many special confidential sessions for our senior male and female youth and the women at the camp. The focus was to share their challenges and identify options to deal with them. Covid crisis has created many issues for our youth,” he added.

Senior camp facilitator Dya Singh pointed out five salient points that emerged from the various discussions at the camp, including the ‘prickly issue of the LGBTQI+’. (See full discussion here).

“Refreshingly, their input drew us towards issues and problems faced by today’s youth. Current global, mainly western problems and issues which perhaps are not obvious to older ‘Indian-centric’ scholars came to the fore,” he noted.

Dya also made another observation: “I was most touched with a post-camp impromptu gathering of the critical youth age group – those between 15 and about 21.  The discussion was vigorous, frank and it showed that this age group which is often linked with rebelliousness from the norms do take onboard what they hear and perceive, but they will take all that forward as they feel they should.”


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