Hoisting the Nishan Sahib


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If you’re in Tanjung Rambutan, Perak, on Saturday (April 13, 2024), then do join the Nishan Sahib Selami. This is the moment when the gurdwara would hoists a new Nishan Sahib, the Khalsa flag. You will have it at almost every gurdwara.

“Every Gurdwara should install a Nishan Sahib at some high location,” according to the Akaal Takht sanctioned Sikh Rehat Maryada (Sikh Code of Conduct) or SRM. Nishan means symbol.

Any preferred colour for the Khalsa flag? This is discussed in Section 3, Chapter 4, Article V (r) of the SRM.

It says: “The cloth of the flag should either be Basanti (Xanthic) or Surmayee (greyish blue) in colour. At the top of the Nishan there should either be a Bhalla (spearhead) or a Khanda.“ (a double edged straight sword, with convex sides leading to slanting top edges ending in a vertex.”

The primary function of the Nishan Sahib, located high, is as a beacon of hope for any woman seeking to protect her honour, as a light house for a weary traveller seeking a place to rest, and as a welcome sign for a hungry/displaced/homeless person seeking a meal.

To know more about the Nishan Sahib, click here. Do read it before you join the Nishan Sahib Selami at your local gurdwara.


Sikh Nishan Sahib demystified (Asia Samachar, 2 Oct 2015)

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