First Asean Sikh Economic & Entrepreneurship Summit


Promotion| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 28 May 2017 Asia Samachar |

The 1st ASEAN Sikh Economic & Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 is taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 8 and 9 July 2017. Modelled after the World Economic Forum (WEF), ASEES aims on uniting ASEAN Sikhs on an economic platform, deepening unity and raising wealth. It will frame the ASEAN Sikh economic movement and act as a strategic enabler to mobilize the resources available to the regional Sikh community to achieve determined aims.

By engaging renowned Sikh professionals and personalities in plenary and workshop sessions, ASEES 2017 will highlight and critically evaluate a key range of economic issues currently affecting the Sikh population in ASEAN.

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Accordingly, the summit will bring together key stakeholders in this conversation – regional business leaders, academicians, government representatives, non-government organizations, as well as finance and corporate professionals to develop strategic partnerships and find viable solutions to the challenge of uplifting the current economic standing of ASEAN Sikhs.

The summit will explore mechanisms to raise living standards and improve the quality of life of Sikhs in the region by ensuring that economic policy is more effective at all levels and that access to key levers of development, such as education, entrepreneurship and skills upgrading, is open and equitable.

For more information, kindly view Tickets are available at RM349 (standard) and RM649 (VIP), both days inclusive.


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  1. First let me congratulate the organizers of the Summit and thank the successful entrepreneurs who are coming to share their secrets of success.

    Now the ball is at the feet of Young and Mid level Sikh entrepreneurs who should take this golden opportunity to learn from the success of those who have proven their success and who are coming and willing to share their experiences and strategies to be successful.

    It has been my experience that Sikhs and Indians at large appear to have little interest in enhancing their knowledge by attending public training courses/seminars as many may consider a waste of their time and some cash but fail to realize that wanting success must be accompanied by commitment and some investment. Chinese [by their business culture] and Malays [by Govt/Corporate financing] are the ones who enhance their knowledge via attending as many training seminars as they can even when the subject may not be directly related to their interest or duties.
    In the Amir Khan Bollywood movie ‘3 IDIOTS’ he said KNOWLEDGE IS EVERYWHERE BUT ONE MUST HAVE INTEREST.
    Now our Sikh entrepreneurs should show their interest by making this Summit a success as only then will the organizers and speakers will repeat and continue such programmes.

    Gur Fateh