An inspiring, uplifting camp: Raja Sahib



Lawyer-parcharak Harcharanjeet Singh, fondly known as Raja Sahib, shares his thoughts on the just concluded Simran Group Samelan. Harcharanjeet, a veteran at Gurmat camps, made his first appearance at the Simran Group Camp, which was the tenth annual camp.

Just came back from an inspiring, uplifting camp. The sewadaars [volunteer camp facilitators] were dedicated and put in their heart and soul into serving and caring for the participants.

The “last man down” at night and “first man up” every morning is an apt description for the sewadaars who tirelessly kept to their task of making sure everything ran smoothly. From the hot water for warm showers to the fresh appetising langgar for the whole sanggat that had gathered there for seven days of bliss and brotherhood.

Besides learning and fulfilling the yearning for the love of Guru and God. For all that made this an awesome experience, kudos to you guys and stay blessed.

The camp was anchored by the able leadership of Kemey Veerji (Kulvinder Singh). We had the supremo of kirtan/sangeet in Gurmukh Singh who tirelessly and graciously made every kirtan session a wonderfully charged experience.

We had Sukhdev Singh who had engaged the sanggat with introspective contemplation with chants that lifted all to a state of self realisation and motivation to change, make a difference and march towards the Guru.

We had Hargobind Singh who breathed some fresh air of youthful exuberance into the camp with his wonderful insight from the younger youth perspective. Bhai nirmal Singh from Bangkok had thrilled the sanggat with his musical excellence and humble nature. Thus making it wonderful for all the participants to learn, talk and take selfies with him.

It was indeed a commendable effort by all the younger sewadaars and Kemey Veerji and his gang to make this an awesome camp and a ‘not to be missed’ samelan for all.

Salute to all you lovely souls. Stay blessed.

[Adapted from Harcharanjeet Singh’s response on Asia Samachar facebook page]