Thai Sikh student piano recital in honour of King Bhumibol

| Bangkok, Thailand |  26 Oct 2016 Asia Samachar |
Twinkle Bhalla
Twinkle Bhalla

University student Twinkle Bhalla, a pianist since 15, shared a recital of the Thai royal anthem on Facebook the other day.

Like millions of Thai citizens, she was moved by the demise of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, a monarch much loved by the the nation.

“I was watching the television and saw the people gathering at “sanaam luang” to pay respect. It was an insipiration that came from within to show my honour to the ninth monarch of Thailand,” she tells Asia Samachar.

The posting was first picked up by the Thai Sikh News Channel, a Facebook-based news platform.

Twinkle is a fourth year student majoring in International Hotel Management at the Stamford International University.

Asked how she would remember the King, she said: “His thought on the nation of having sufficient, balanced and simple lifestyle.”

King Bhumipol, who served as monarch for 70 years, passed away on 13 Oct 2016.
Twinkle said the King has been praised for addressing the needs of both urban and rural population.

“His Majesty took the role, not just as a King but also as a father who looked after his children in every aspect possible….He sacrificed his happiness, time and money to create good lives for his beloved people,” she said.


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