Three Punjab fleeced RM31,000 for work permits in Malaysia

Punjab, India | 6 July 2016 | Asia Samachar |

strap-news1Punjab police is reportedly looking for suspects, believed to be still in Malaysia, alleged to have fleeced three youth of some Rs 5.10 lakh (RM30,500) for work opportunities in Malaysia.

The youth were promised a salary of Rs 35,000 (RM2,100) per month, but ended up with a job paying half the salary, plus them having to bear all other expenditures.

The police are reportedly looking for Gurpreet Singh and his brother Sarabjit Singh of Gore Nangal village, according to a report, entitled by Tribune News Service (3 July 2016).


Police has registered a case under Sections 420 and 120 B, IPC, against the suspects following a six-month long probe conducted by a senior police official, the report added.

The report added:

Father of one of the victims and complainant in the case Lakhwinder Singh, a resident of Makowal village, lodged a complaint with the Amritsar rural police in January this year.

He told the police that his son Harpreet Singh informed him that his friend Gurpreet was in Malaysia and he claimed that his company required three youths and he had working visa with him.

He said a deal was struck with him for sending Harpreet and his two friends Manpreet and Jaskarandeep Singh for Rs 1.70 lakh (RM10,200) each. Gurpreet promised them that the company would give them Rs 35,000 (RM2,100) salary per month. However, when they reached there, the company offered them Rs 17,000 (RM1,00) per month while all other expenditures were borne by them.

Lakhwinder said when they asked Gurpreet about the same, he told them to cheat other youths in order to realise their money. However, Harpreet and his two friends returned empty handed.

Harjit Singh, investigating officer, said the probe was underway and efforts were being made to nab the suspects who were still in Malaysia.


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    All parties are equally to be blamed. The job seeker, building castles in the air for a high paying job in foreign land . The receiver obviously taking advantage of a idealistic society to con his/her own people. It would be beneficial if all this parties sit down, recite the paath and learn the teaching of our Gurus.