AirAsia Captain Ankieta: Flying great equalizer for humankind

Capt Ankieta Sekhon with her proud parents – Photo: AirAsia India
By AirAsia | INDIA |

Meet Ankieta Sekhon, a pilot captain flying the Airbus 320 with AirAsia.

“My biggest inspiration was my father. He was a naval aviator himself who later ventured into commercial flying. My childhood in a gist was me sitting at the dinner table, listening to him passionately talk about flying. Those conversations left such a deep impact that it wasn’t long before his passion became mine. When I first started out in the aviation field, there were hardly any women pilots flying commercially in India. There were no footprints in the snow. My strategy was to eliminate any reasons why someone wouldn’t hire me as a pilot, like inadequate training or experience.”

Ankieta received her fourth bar with AirAsia. She believes that “flying is a great equalizer for humankind because the plane does not know or care about gender.”

“My aim is to inspire women to look past the barriers and follow their dreams. Happy women’s day!”

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The article was adapted from a social media posting by AirAsia. #HUMANSOFAIRASIA



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