Covid 19 : Kumpulan Sukarela Mula Membantu Orang – Sikhs Are Breaking The Mould Again. Syabas

By Syed Outside The Box | MALAYSIA |  

All around the world from Australia to Malaysia to London the volunteer groups have started to kick into operation.

One young woman in London has printed her telephone number and put it inside the mailboxes of her neighbours. She says that if anyone (especially old people) needs help (because they are all quarantined inside their houses) then they can call her anytime of the day or night. To get food for them, go to the shop for them, help them at home etc.

Here are a few more examples from here in Subang Jaya and also from Australia.

1. Gurdwara Sahib Subang

*Sewa – Meal Deliveries from Gurdwara Sahib Subang*

Are you in Covid-19 isolation?
Are you unable to cook your own meals due to age or other disabilities?
If yes to both of the above, do you want meals delivered from Gurdwara Sahib Subang?
If yes, call Amanjeet Singh @ 019 320 3854
Amrick Singh
@ +60 12-538 9061
Harjindar Kaur
@ +60 16-267 9669
Harjit Singh
+60 16-916 6979
*Pl Note*

1. A simple interview will be conducted by phone to confirm eligibility.
2. Food will be delivered on your door-step in disposable containers.
3. All social distancing protocols shall be observed.

*Together in the Guru’s path*

OSTB: Amanjeet Singh, Amrick Singh, Harjindar Kaur, Harjit Singh – ‘Allahuma Solli Alaikum‘ may Allah shower all his support upon you. You are undertaking a great responsibility. Please take care of your own health and safety.

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