Boycott businesses out to make a quick kill

Manny Ranga loads his truck with Lysol wipes that he bought in bulk Wednesday at a Costco store near downtown Vancouver. Ranga and his wife buy the supplies in bulk ad resell them on Amazon. – Photo: Douglas Quan/Toronto Star
By Asia Samachar Team | CANADA |

IDENTIFY businesses profiteering from the current pressed situation due to the novel coronavirus situation. When things come back to normal, boycott them!

And stop panic buying. Some have stocked up food and other supplies for the next six months!

These was the call by a Punjabi lady from Brampton, Canada, whom we could not identify at this stage, in an audio shared on the social video. To listen to the audio, click here.

She lashed out at a number of Indian traders who had raised prices of essential goods, including food items, at a time when many are seeing their income vanish or reduced due to the various containment measures.

She noted many Punjabis had rallied to support the business folks from their community, but now some of them have shown their true colours and their greed. She made it clear that not all Punjabi businesses were involved in such profiteering.

She then quotes a Punjabi saying to describe her disgust to those engaged in profiteering, akin to: Bhukay Jatt Katora Miliya … Paani Pi Pi Aferr Geya. (Go to 5:06 of the recording).

One such person taking advantage of the situation was featured in a Toronto news portal.

Manny Ranga and his wife Violeta Perez went to various Costco stores in Vancouver and bought stacks upon stacks of Lysol disinfecting wipes. They then sold them for up to four times the price via Amazon.

Perez explained their business venture was sparked a few weeks ago when they went to the store to buy supplies, including hand sanitizer. A woman stopped them outside the store and offered to pay them double what they had paid, she said.

The couple, who describe themselves as home developers, immediately saw an opportunity. “Everything we do, we’re in the moment,” she was quoted in the report. “We’re hustlers.”



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