Malaysian education circular allowing Sikh school students to bear uncut hair, kara

Every year, a few odd schools would bar Sikh students from maintaining uncut hair or wearing the kara (bangle). Here's the official circular to resolve the matter


From time to time, schools authorities in some odd Malaysian schools will raise the issue of Sikhs students bearing their uncut hair or wearing of the kara (bangle).

Every year, Sikh organisations would encounter such issues from a few schools around the nation. This year itself, at least two such incidents in Selangor came to the attention of the Sikhs organisations.


Usually, the matter is resolved when the parents highlight to the school authorities of the circulars from the Ministry of Education underlining the right of Sikh students to bear their unshorn hair and the wearing of kara.

We share the circular here for the ease of parents who may need it.

In 2015, the Ministry of Education (MOE) issued a circular dated 4 June 2015, addressed to all ministry divisions and state directors, dealing with the Sikhs students uncut hair and facial hair, including the beard and moustache.

The circular is known as: Surat Pekeliling Ikhtisas Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia Bilangan 9 Tahun 2015 – Panduan Berkenaan Rambut dan Pemakaian Steel Bangle (KARA) Oleh Murid-Murid Keturunan Sikh (05/06/2015). It can be found here.

Many a time, they had faced an uphill battle to convince school heads that their religion forbids them from shaving hair from any part of their body. Earlier MOE circulars on the matter were vague in some areas, especially when it came to allowing Sikh students to maintain their moustache.


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