Unsung heroes of Iraq

Ravi Singh talks about Sozan Fahmi, Khalsa Aid's coordinator for Iraq

Sozan assisting IDPs from Mosul during Ramadan – Photo: Khalsa Aid
By Ravi Singh (Khalsa Aid) | PEOPLE |

Sozan Fahmi is a Kurdish (Muslim) young lady from Duhok, KRG.

She was 19 when ISIS seized Mosul which resulted in 10,000s of Yezidi internally displaced persons (IDPs) crossing into Kurdistan. Sozan immediately got involved in assisting the IDPs.

I met Sozan in 2016, she was working with the Jinda Centre. She was deeply immersed in her volunteer work but now she was assisting the Yezidi girls/women who were fleeing ISIS captivity. These Yezidi women had gone through some of the most horrific ordeal, almost all were raped and traded as commodities, many were under 13!

What caught my eye was that many in the Yezidi community had lost trust in many Arabs/Muslims after being betrayed by some of their Arab neighbours but they were treating Sozan as a close member of their community. Sozan had won their hearts through humanity.

Since 2016 Sozan has been the key to all the Khalsa Aid work in Iraq. She is such a remarkable young lady who has become a beacon of hope for so many

I collect so many awards but there are those who should be awarded but remain at the back! Sozan deserves much recognition for her undying love for humanity & building bridges in a region where we are only shown hate by our media.

Thank you Sozan. You are an inspiration!

[Ravi Singh is the founder and the face of the UK-based humanitarian relief outfit Khalsa Aid]

Sozan Fahmi: Iraq Coordinator at Khalsa Aid – Photo: Personal LinkedIn profile photo



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