Facebook posting mocking Sikh scripture making its rounds in Malaysia


A Facebook entry, purportedly by a Malaysian young lady, casting disparaging remarks about the Sikh scripture has been making its rounds on the Malaysian social media.

A number of police reports, including by one Pahang gurdwara president, have been made urging the authorities to investigate the posting.

“We hope the authorities will get to the bottom of the matter,” Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) president Jagir Singh told Asia Samachar in a phone conversation.

The posting called Sri Guru Granth Sahib as a ‘dirty piece of book’ and badged Sikhs as being ‘so backward’.

The Facebook could be fake. Hence, Asia Samachar has decided not to share the  message by the supposed young lady

“When we forward such offensive messages, we play into the hands of those trying to bring disrepute to the communty and their faithfuls,” one media observor told Asia Samachar.


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  1. Ignorance and idiots are born every minute.
    Sometimes it pays to ignore such idiots, and not play into their hands.

    To many marcisstics galore on facebook, sadly venting their pathetic frusttrations and failures.

  2. …….. MGC should immediately seek an appointment to meet Minister in charge of Multi Media Mr. Gobind Singh Deo for immediate action to be taken ..