Sikh girls ‘abused by grooming gangs for decades’ says shock new UK report

Claims girls in Birmingham and West Midlands targeted for sexual exploitation despite pleas for help, reports Birmingham Mail

Photo: Birmingham Mail
By Birmingham Mail | UK |

Sikh girls in Birmingham and the West Midlands were subjected to decades of abuse by grooming gangs despite pleas for help, a shock report claims.

And members of the Sikh community turned vigilante when the police and other authorities failed to act on their concerns, the authors of the study allege.

Entitled “The Religiously Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of Young Sikh Women Across the UK”, the report has echoes of the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal.

The West Midlands girls are said to have been targeted by “fashionably-dressed adult Pakistani men” before being isolated from their families and mistreated by one or more abusers.

The authors say the research is not a “witch-hunt against any individual, community, culture or faith” but an attempt to understand the root causes of the issue, which they feel deserves the same national spotlight as the Rotherham scandal.

The study has been produced by the Sikh Mediation and Rehabilitation Team (SMART), an independent organisation, in conjunction with Sikh Youth UK.

Deepa Singh, a co-ordinator for Sikh Youth, said: “This is a victory for silent victims within the Sikh community who have been silenced by Government bodies whose cries for help were ignored.

“The truth is evidenced and it will now be for central government and local authorities to address the growing concern of continued targeted abuse of Sikh girls.”

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A faith response: tackling religiously motivated sexual grooming (Asia Samachar, 8 June 2018)


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