Gatka-trained lady chases away 3 knife-wielding attackers from father’s store

Brave Sandeep Kaur pictured in front of her father’s shop – Photo: DailyMail
By James Wood UK | DAILY MAIL |

Sundeep Kaur, 24, was running her father’s shop alone in Coulby Newham, North Yorkshire, when the hooded thugs walked in.

She said she knew it was ‘fight or flight’ time as the suspects burst in on Friday afternoon to demand cash.

But the thugs quickly found out they’d picked the wrong shop.

As one of the masked trio brandished a knife at her, brave Ms Kaur stepped towards them, whipped out a can of criminal identifier spray and aimed it at their faces.

The spray is a red gel which stays on the skin for around seven days.

“It’s hard to really have time to think, the first thing to do was to defend myself,” she said. “I kind of just saw the knife and I thought ‘I don’t want to get hit by this.’ I pushed back and moved forward to them.

“I tried to aim in the face and get the ones trying to get away. They did run pretty quick,” she added. “I don’t really think it’s a hero move. You can either fight or flight really.”

Ms Kaur, from Stockton, said the shop is run by her father, Gurcharan Singh, who’s had it for around 10 years.

She says she’s previously trained in Gatka, a Sikh martial art, something which gave her the confidence to stand up and be counted.

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(Asia Samachar, xx Jan 2019)

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