Suicide can happen to just about anybody

Sushant Singh Rajput – Sketch by ToonistBains (Correction for the year: It should read 1986-2020)
By DJ Bombay Singh | OPINION |

BOLLYWOOD’S rising star Sushant Singh’s death by suicide continues to teach a lesson to humanity. It continues because this is not the first celebrity or a popular person of interest whose life ended tragically.

The horror is, it will be just a matter of time when we may hear of another one happening in another part of the world.

So, is it as simple as “celebrity stress” that drives them to this unimaginable act? If that were to be the case, then suicide rate would have been extremely high among celebrities. We know suicide happens even among the simple and ordinary folks.

This points us that ultimately it is the person him/herself the main driving factor.

And that can mean just any one of us! Period.

Suicide have had the tags of “crime” and “coward” attached to it. But have these tags stopped one in “excessive mental pain and irrationality” from taking the final plunge?

It is found that most suicides happen during a highly charged emotional storm, totally blowing away rationality. But the seeds of it has already begun somewhere. Because much more danger than the physical disability is the ailment of the mind, which may not give much obvious clues.

Therefore, the labels of criminality and cowardice has no place to describe their act. What we need is a real, massive awareness.

Suicide can happen to just about anybody and the onus is on us all to start learning and talking about it more, in every way possible, so that a would be person could self identify quickly and seek help as easy as, for example, as calling an emergency number, such as 999 (in Malaysia including Singapore).

As long as humans have emotions, the enemy called suicide is just lurking at some corner within us. We must be trained, we must be prepared.

For life is fleeting, as Sushant penned for the final time.

(The writer is a reader based at George Town, Penang)



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