Facing turbulent times

Made redundant due to Covid-19, TARANJIT SINGH shares his experience. It can make you grow strong. At times, it can be plain defeating!

By Taranjit Singh | EXPERIENCE |

I rarely speak about my feelings but I think its time I take the first step even though my vision is blurred at this point in time.

I have been away from home to make a living since the age of 20. I was first made redundant at the age 28 and then now at 33. Like many others, I was made redundant due to the Covid-19.

Twice being made redundant. Heck…it’s bloody tough! Many lessons learned. You grow strong. At times, it can be plain defeating! Funny, that’s how life is! Que sera sera, what will be, will be!

Those facing the same storm know how it feels to be in this position. Mentally bruised and exhausted. Choked and breathless. Everything feels extremely empty. Emotionally I have spiraled down way too deep beyond my imagination.

I asked myself many times in search of answers yet to no avail. Of course at the back of my head I know that it’s beyond my control but…. To be honest, I have no earthly idea!

In turbulent times like this, all I ask from you good folks out here — if you know anyone who is going through tough times with their livelihood —  you can make a difference by providing them with these emotional and mental support.

1) Please spare some time and just practise active listening. You don’t have to give your opinion but just lend a shoulder. Trust me, it helps!

2) Please check on them. Try to bring them out as it helps them with opening up and giving them another perspective.

3) Give them alone time yet be with them in silence. Say a prayer for them, the vibes travel afar.

4) Always keep a tab on their daily movement to ensure their sanity is still in-check.

5) Ask if they need any kind of support.

And the list goes on. There is no one right way to help someone to make them feel warm and better.

Please have empathy and compassion in this unprecedented times. It’s easy! Electrify your energy and hold their arms and shoulders. Extend your arms around them wrapped with warmth and kindness. Note, we don’t need your sympathy!

Thank you folks.

And please forgive me if I have done or said anything wrong to hurt you. That’s not my intention. Thoughts are easily clouded with negativity and get its way off.

God bless and I wish everyone well!


Taranjit Singh hails from Kelantan and had spent his teenage years in Seremban. He has been abroad for some time now seeking new opportunities 


(Asia Samachar, 23 June 2020)

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  1. I feel for youth like Taranjit. Yes, youth… with a long way to go and also, future contributors to society if helped by the community. These are our jewels.

    Being of the old guard, I also, generally feel for our younger generations because I feel deeply that they face horrendous challenges in the modern world. There was a time, my generation and the one before that, when, our mainly unlettered parents worked hard as ‘jagas’ and ‘baldgedi-valay’ and gave us amazing opportunities. At least one just had to pass what was then called Senior Cambridge and become a “Kerani’ or joined the forces, for about 30 Years and then live off a fairly liveable pension. No such luxuries now. No job is safe, not even in government service where jobs are rare for minorities anyway.
    I hope the community, which prides itself fo its sewa, and langgar and other stuff, needs to prioritise and think carefully about the needs especially of our own younger generation, and more so, through these difficult times. Anyone got a job – whatever kind, for Taranjit? Please do help. SHS – SIKHS Helping Sikhs. Guru meher all and stay safe.
    Dya Singh.