Don’t let be propaganda fool you

By Amaan Bali | INDIA |

The propagandists ranging from Vivek Agnihotri [Indian film director and activist] to Malviya [BJP leader Amit Malviya] himself uttered no word in last 55 days. The farmers have been protesting peacefully and all of a sudden they decide to beat a dead cause to incite emotions. Here is how this propaganda works.

Make Hindus insecure about Sikhs by making it all about JSB [Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale].

And please don’t be fooled, they make Hindus uncomfortable for just votes. Malviya has no other job but to keep BJP vote bank intact by keeping fear intact in gullible people.

This fear can be anything, “Pakistan is at war with us”, “Muslims are going to annihilate us all”, “Sikhs plan to kill us all” and anything that makes their vote bank insecure to seek refuge back in party.

I am more than happy to host anyone who wants to come here to see things.

The unfortunate and sad part is that this propaganda is not even for Hindus, it is for Hindu votes. The fact is that farmers are not Sikhs alone. There are Hindus standing shoulder to shoulder not knowing what’s talked online about them.

Fact 2 – No there are not just protestors from Punjab and Haryana. 500 Farm unions from across the nation are participating in this. Please check the borders leading to Delhi. The crowd from UP [Uttar Pardesh] and Rajasthan is at borders.

No, there is no separatists here. The cherry picked videos and posters mean nothing. Please think with a calm head, if I am a separatist, why would I want to believe in abolition of law and not just violate it in Punjab? That’s separatism right? We are doing things democratically

AAP, Congress, and other communist parties have been denied stage. These people have habits of earning brownie points by going to protest sites and creating their own propaganda. The video of man making stupid remarks is absolutely condemnable, and we don’t subscribe to it.

Please understand that you can beat the dead horse to reclaim your journalism or be rewarded by party in power but this will only prolong the struggle. Because this is unlike any struggle. We are here to stay and propaganda can’t do anything.

Talk – Ensure – Resolve.

Adapted from tweet entry by @amaanbali on farmers’ protest against the controversial farm laws passed earlier by Indian parliament. Check his Twitter account for more photos and updates 



This protest didn’t happen overnight, say farmers (Asia Samachar, 1 Dec 2020)


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