Musician Shaunvinda uses traditional percussions to play modern music

Shaunvinder Singh
By Mark Mathen Victor | The Sun Daily | Malaysia |

OUTSHINING other contestants to clinch second place in the finals of the inaugural The Harvinth Skin Fans’ show last month, Shaunvinder Singh, 22, gave a remarkable performance by playing contemporary music using traditional Indian instruments to display his talent.

Although the show boasted vocally-diverse talents, Shaunvinder set himself apart from the others, captivating the judges by showing his finesse in playing the dhol and tabla, hence transcending music boundaries.

The Harvinth Skin Fans’ talent show was created by comedian and YouTuber Harvinth Skin. The show initially began on a small scale, literally inside the comedian’s car but was later turned into an actual show, intended as a platform to showcase Malaysia’s diverse talents.

Seeing it as an opportunity to bring his talents to a bigger platform, Shaunvinder seized the opportunity and took part in the show.

“I analysed the show and saw that there were many singers with various talent. I asked myself what would make me stand out from the others.

“The idea was to be creative and to get the judges on the edge of their seats. I think I managed to do that,” said Shaunvinder, who goes by the stage name Shaunvinda.

A computer science graduate, the aspiring musician revealed that music had begun as a hobby, before it progressively became more important after he began posting his music on social media.

Read the full story, ‘Musician Shaunvinda uses traditional percussions to play modern music‘ (The Sun Daily, 23 Feb 2021), here.



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