Education marvel Madenjit Singh receives Timor-Leste top medal

Madenjit Singh (right) receives the Medal of the Order of Timor-Leste from President Jose Ramos-Horta on May 19, 2023.

By Asia Samachar | Timor-Leste |

A Malaysian educationist was one of the first few to step forward to receive Timor-Leste’s top medal as the nation celebrates its independence day in a solemn and dignified event yesterday (May 19).

Dr. Madenjit Singh, founder of a grassroots-education movement that has touched the lives of thousands of people in the small nation, received the Medal of the Order of Timor-Leste, conferred by President Jose Ramos-Horta.

The medal was in recognition of training some 100,000 teenagers and adults in the skills of life, life over two decades in 48 centres.

“I’m very grateful for the recognition from the highest level of the Timorese Government. It was not me alone, but the entire team working together tirelessly,” he told Asia Samachar in a text message.

Madenjit, 66, is the founder of SOLS/AHHA Education, an organisation who’s primary objective is to provide high quality and holistic education through a structured program of employment and life-skills, to disadvantaged youths who face barriers to education.

Also affectionately known as the Big Teacher, Madenjit is a scientist, innovator and teacher with an impressive experience in the field of education and development in about 10 countries. As an entrepreneurial humanitarian, he has dedicated his life to encouraging, training and helping poor youths in poor communities to achieve much more in life, according to the organisation’s website.

Amarjit Singh, Malaysia’s ambassador to Timor-Leste, said the award was certainly a source of pride for Malaysia.

“A recognition not only of his selfless service to nation building, and specifically education  in many parts of the Asean region, but also for  Malaysia,” he told Asia Samachar in a text message.

NGO offering free two-year training and boarding program providing life skills for disadvantaged youths in Southeast Asia, is in the running for a US$1m prize for teachers.

Madenjit had set up the Science of Life Studies 24/7 (SOLS 24/7) with his two sons. The NGO offering free two-year training and boarding program providing life skills for disadvantaged youths in Southeast Asia. It has 185 schools in Malaysia, Cambodia, Timor Leste, Laos and India, some in remote villages.


Madenjit shortlisted for US$1m Global Teacher Prize (Asia Samachar, 14 Feb 2015)

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