Kansas Sikh girl flying high

Kuljeet Kaur is first Sikh American high school student in Bakersfield flying academy

Kuljeet Kaur in her flying uniform at a flight simulator, Bakersfield, CA. Right: A medal received for her timely help to save her roommate during a medical emergency.

By American Sikh Council | United States |

Learning to fly, while being trained by US Airforce officers in leadership, provides an array of life skills which are not easy to acquire for teenagers everywhere. These are unique opportunities anyone can avail, but only a few will reach out and grab them.

In 2022 among the thousands of applicants for the 72 slots, two Sikh Americans; a high school girl and a boy were selected. Kuljeet Kaur from Kansas was in the first batch and just completed her three-week training, last week in June 2023. This makes her the first Sikh American high school student in the flying academy. The other young man was in the second batch and is in the middle of his training.

The American Sikh Council (ASC) spent quite some time and collaborated with the US Air Force to start a brand-new initiative in 2022. This Flying Academy initiative was rolled across the nation in September 2022 to encourage and inspire Sikh American high school students to seriously start thinking of getting into aviation.

The opportunities that the US Air Force has for bright ambitious high school students wanting to serve their country are phenomenal. This particular Flying Academy Scholarship given out by the US Air Force is worth US$12,500, which includes all expenses paid leadership training for three weeks at a designated Flying School, but also 15 hours of actual in person instructor led flight training. There are no strings attached to the ‘Flying Academy Scholarship’ training.

There are extremely few Sikh-Americans who are in aviation and the opportunities are unbelievable. Parents need to support their passionate young who may be inclined to become pilots, because not only is being a pilot prestigious but lucrative as well.

ASC encourages and supports all Sikh-American highschoolers to consider ‘Flying’ as a career, because the ‘sky is the limit’! – Source: ASC e-News (5 July 2023)

Kuljeet Kaur (2nd from right) with her peers at the Flying Academy in Bakersfield, CA


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