Unbelievable. Yuba Sikh festival attracts 300,000 people

Over a quarter million people visit Yuba City for massive Sikh & Punjabi celebration – Photo: Hari Vir

By Asia Samachar | Canada |

A massive showing of an estimated 300,000 people came to celebrate Sikh & Punjabi culture in the 44th Annual Yuba City Nagar Kirtan on Sunday (Nov 5) in the largest celebration of its kind outside of India.

Binda Atwal, who drove from Livingston, told KCRA News that he believes it’s important to showcase his culture, saying it’s the “selfless service, which is one of the main parts of the religion.”

“4.5 miles of road closures for the Sikh parade. Over 150,000 people come to Yuba City for this every year where they also give out free food and drink to any and all,” says Sara Marie McNally on her Facebook.

On Sunday ahead of and during their annual parade celebration, all food and drinks are handed to the masses for free in a large act of service to the community. The Sikh and Punjabi communities work to ensure all know they are welcome.

Organizers believe next year, during the 45th annual celebration, even larger crowds will be in attendance.

In 2017, Yuba City appointed the firt Sikh woman mayor in Preet Didbal, an Indian-American daughter of a labourer who herself ‘did the peaches, the prunes’.

The appointment also makes her the first Sikh woman mayor in the United States. Her appointment came weeks after fellow Sikh-American, Ravinder Singh Bhalla, won a direct election for the mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey.

“…they also give out free food and drink to any and all,” says Sara Marie McNally on her Facebook


Thousands Attend Return Of Sikh Festival In Yuba City – Report (Asia Samachar, 6 Nov 2021)

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