Malaysia gets a one star Sikh general

Brigadier General Jagjit Singh and wife Kiranjeet Kaur after his promotion on Dec 30, 2023

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Colonel Jagjit Singh was promoted to a Brigadier General today (Dec 30), making him the senior most ranking serving Sikh in the Malaysian armed forces.

Born on 17 April 1967 in Batu Arang, Selangor, he was raised in Batang Berjuntai, now called Bestari Jaya. Jagjit’s father, Indar Singh worked as a tin miner and his mother was a homemaker to a family of 5 sons and a daughter.

From these humble beginnings, Jagjit has risen through the ranks in the armed forces. He joined the Malaysian Armed Forces on 1st October 1985 and was commissioned to the 2nd Royal Ranger Regiment.

Throughout his career, Jagjit was given opportunity to hold various key appointments. The notable ones include Directing Staff at Army School of Management, Train the Trainer at Malaysian Army Wargame Centre, Operational and Training Staff Officer at 4th Division Headquarters, Staff Officer for the Bilateral and Multilateral Exercise at Army Field Command Headquarters, Deputy Commander of Regiment 510 Territorial Army, Logistics Staff Officer at 4th Division Headquarters, Chief of Staff at the 7th Infantry Brigade Headquarters and Chief of Staff at the Army Training and Doctrine Command Headquarters.

His academic achievements are also impressive. He graduated from the Malaysian Armed Forces National Resilience College in 2023, has two Masters degrees, graduating with distinction from the Malaysian Armed Forces Defence College with a Master of Social Science (Defence Studies) in 2018 from National University of Malaysia and a Master in Management in 2005 from Universiti Malaya.

Brigadier General Jagjit Singh and wife Kiranjeet Kaur and children in a recent photo

He holds a Diploma in Psychology (Counselling) from the National University of Malaysia, a Diploma in Strategic and Defence Studies from University Malaya and an Advanced Diploma in Business and Management from University of Wales, United Kingdom.

He is also a Fellow Scholar at the National Defence University of Malaysia. He also holds various personal and service awards for his achievements.Jagjit is married to Kiranjeet Kaur, a former leading stewardess with Malaysia Airlines. Jagjit and Kiran are blessed with two sons, Harveer and Rajveer, who are both pursuing their undergraduate studies in business and law, respectively.

From amongst Sikhs serving the Malaysian army, Brigadier General Inderjit Singh was the last one-star general when he was promoted in April 2021. After his promotion, he took over as the commandant of the Army Senior Officers Institute (INSPEKA) based in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. He has since retired from service.


Rising Sikh star in Malaysian army (Asia Samachar, 30 April 2021)

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