8 ways I am a present father and hardcore entrepreneur

Jesse Pujji

By Jesse Pujji | United States |

Eight ways I am a present father and hardcore entrepreneur:

  1. Keep a very routinized schedule (MWF get home by 6 to do bedtime, play tennis T/Th at 8 pm, my team knows my schedule, etc)
  2. Work Sunday afternoons. Get planned and organized each week.
  3. Delegate aggressively – I have virtually no individual contributor work
  4. “Work” with my kids. I do email/work when they do Kumon or other stuff
  5. Fully unplug on Vacation – memories are made when everyone is present
  6. Master the DAY TRIP – I fly to 3-5 cities a month, with zero nights away (St. Louis helps)
  7. Partner well – Find great people to be CEOs and team members
  8. Break the rules – every now and again, I go hard for a week and ask my family for grace, or the opposite: I travel for a week unplanned w the family and ask my team for grace.

Adapted from the LinkedIn entry of serial entrepreneur Jesse Pujji, founder of Gateway X which strives to provide a better way to start the entrepreneurial journey. He was previously founder/CEO of Ampush which he has exited.


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