Indians carried out ‘disinformation campaign’ during Trudeau trip, implies Canadian intelligence

Canada PM Justin Trudeau and family visiting the Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar – Photo courtesy of Justin Trudeau Facebook page

by BARFI CULTURE | Canada |

Canadian intelligence officials have strongly implied that Indian officials ‘interfered’ in its domestic affairs during Justin Trudeau’s trip to India in February this year.

They have also said that ‘foreign actors’ had tried to undermine the reputation of Canadian institutions during the trip by painting them as incompetent or under the influence of ‘Sikh extremists’.

The explosive claims were made in a special report published this week, which was heavily redacted for national security reasons.

It is likely to cause some discomfort in New Delhi as it partially focused on what Canadian intelligence saw as “foreign interference in Canadian political affairs”.

Moreover, in a major speech a day after the report was released, the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service said that “foreign interference” was now the “the greatest threat” to Canadian prosperity. The speech made no reference to the report but some saw it as a remarkable coincidence.

Why is the report significant?

Justin Trudeau’s trip to India was mired in controversy even before he got on the plane in February 2018. More than one Indian publication claimed that ‘Khalistani extremism’ was on the rise in Canada and Trudeau’s government was doing little to tackle it.

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