Putrajaya gurdwara in the making

If it goes our way, the team would like to see something [gurdwara building] up by November 2021. We will have a resort-setting type of accommodations. We also envisage it to be a tourist attraction for those coming to Putrajaya - JAGINDAR SINGH

Gurdwara Sahib Putrajaya Society annual meeting for 2019 in session. Right: Artist impression of the proposed Putrajaya gurdwara complex
By Asia Samachar Team | MALAYSIA |

If all goes to plan, Putrajaya will have a partially-functioning gurdwara towards the end of 2021.

The plan is to build a ‘national’ gurdwara that will also attract visitors to Malaysia’s administrative capital.

“The architect presented the conceptual design, which was approved by the house,” Major (Rtd) Jagindar Singh told Asia Samachar.

Jagindar is the committee president of the Gurdwara Sahib Putrajaya Society (GSPS), the registered society that has taken the lead to build the gurdwara complex.

“If it goes our way, the team would like to see something [gurdwara building] up by November 2021,” he said. “We will have a resort-setting type of accommodations. We also envisage it to be a tourist attraction for those coming to Putrajaya.”

Putrajaya is a planned city and the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. The seat of government was shifted from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya in 1999.

Being in the nation’s administrative capital, Jagindar said they intend to create a ‘national’  gurdwara that would promote the history of gurdwaras in Malaysia. It has been ear-marked as one of the objectives of the gurdwara in the making.

The gurdwara is located at the intersection of Precincts 5 and 20, bordering Dengkil. It is about five-minutes drive from the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).

The proposed gurdwara complex – a single-story building with a circular darbar sahib – is expected to cost about RM3 million. The land size allocated for the gurdwara is about 30,000 sq ft, slightly less than an acre.

HSITORY IN THE MAKING: Gurdwara Sahib Putrajaya Society annual meeting for 2019 in session.

GSPS membership is open to all Malaysian Sikhs, including those living abroad. However, voting is limited to members living within a 50km radius of the gurdwara, which includes the Klang Valley which is home to the largest Sikh community in Malaysia. Life membership is fixed at RM101.

At its annual meeting on 9 March 2019, the house also elected its committee. It comprises deputy president Paramjit Singh and three vice presidents Dr Harshinderjeet Singh (development and fund raising), Dr Mahinder Singh (education and sports) and Dr Sangeeta Kaur (secretarial and communication). The committee also includes secretary Harjit Kaur, assistant secretary Shivcharan Singh, treasurer Manmeet Singh and assistant treasurer Manjeev Singh.

Registered in 2016, GSPS first pro-tem committee, also led by Jagindar, was formalised in June 2016. Jagindar, 70, believes he is one of the first Sikhs to live in Putrajaya.



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  1. The ideas share are shameful as Sikh are not welcoming for new Gurdwara in Putrajaya. Is this is the teaching of Sri Guru Naanak Dev Ji. Please all of us are Sikh we are brother’s and sister’s we should proud to have Guru Naanak teaching in Putrajaya. Thoose who are in negative thoughts please learn more about Sikhs and Gurbani. In Sri Guru Grants Sahib Ji all are equal we need to teach human kind about the wonderful of sikh religion. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

  2. What is the purpose of building a Gurdwara in Putrajaya or actual site is in Dengkil 5 km from Putrajaya.I truly hope common sense will prevail at the end.To spend Rm3Million on a Gurdwara will not serve any good to our community at all.We should focus on empowering our community via the existing Gurdwara’s and strengthen our youth foundation by providing financial education for all Sikh children from primary 1 to completing their respective degrees in choose field.

    We need a well structed society within our society to have basic teaching our religion and prepare the youths now for a better future for them and the society at large and to serve our community & nation with integrity values.

    There are many Sikh families under the (B40) category & we need to look at this group and create a platform to guide this families and their children in education and general knowledge of life.

    Today we see many Sikh families are converting to other religion all due to financial support by this communities and nothing is done and it is truly sad to see such activities are being carried out by fellow Sikhs who have converted and encouraging other to pursue the same journey.

    We Sikh suppose to carry the humble values of our teachings based on Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and this is something being ignored and we focus on building structure for communities which may not serve its purpose & conducting various prayers for wellbeing & wealth prosperity.We need to enrich our knowledge with values and spiritual from within our teachings.

    We currently have 114 Gurdwara’s across Malaysia and this is a huge number comparing to our population in Malaysia.

    Currently many Gurdwara’s are not being used for organizing events for the community as regular it should be. The venue is available for usage to have various projects supporting our community but sadly this opportunity is not taken.

    We need to groom leaders and leaders need to be continue groom to past the batton to the younger generation to lead.

    I would like to see our community working together to strengthen our unity among our sikhs in Malaysia and also create a platform to encourage Sikhs to venture into various business opportunities and networking session to learn and gain from other communities and also from the respective Chamber of Commerce of Embassy in Malaysia.


    Manvin Kaur Gill: I love seeing alot of sensible comments … well said .

    Randhawa Penang Singh: What is the real intention? 🍿🍿

    Larenjit Thinju: In the name of $$$

    ਨਿਹਾਲ ਸਿੰਘ ਤਰਸਿੱਕਾ: Opening a new shop 😂😂😂

    Kirandave Sandhu: Way too many already!

    Randeep Sophocleous: I totally agree with Parmjit Kaur. There are too many gurduwara and and sangaat is being divided. It’s feels more like a competition now in which is the most beautiful and well kept gurduwara. So Rather than building more gurdwaras, I would like to suggest that the gurduwara council in Malaysia use the money to invest on the sevadaars and gianis well being. For example. They should be getting medical benefits and other benefits that an employee should get. Many of the gurduwaras don’t do that and all these sevadars are left with minimum wage which is not enough. I see many posts and I have seen with my own eyes that when a sevadar is not well, gurduwara just ignore them and if it’s something serious, they are asked to leave which I think is unfair. If gianis and sevadars are being hired, they should get all the benefits that an expat is entitle to. Rather than spending money on making beautiful gurduwaras, money should be spent on people’s well being. They sevadars and Gianis play very important role in gurduwaras and without them I am sure it will be difficult. Not only that, rather than wasting money organizing big events, donate to money or do something to serve those who are really in need.

    Sunil Frwa: Keep investing into buildings. When r u going to learn to invest in the Sikh children who would eventually go to ur gurudwara. Soon there will be only gurudwara buildings, but no sangat.

    Vishal J.Singh: Hmmmmm…interesting ….hmmmmm….

    Ajit Sandhu: They want to make money

    Baljit Singh: You are right

    Jazzy Jagjit: Waheguruji..

    Ja Gin Der: Wa give up lar… 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Rajinder Kaur: Facepalm

    Manmohan Singh: NO POINT🙏

    Neeta Toor: Agree with Parveen. So many of our Sikh kids end up taking normal courses as the parents can’t afford. Help them with better education so that these kids will help the next generation n ball keeps rolling. Day will come when our Sikhs will be doing very very well. God bless.

    Girjeet Kaur Sidhu: Agree with all the comments. What is the purpose?


    Manjit Samra: Help poor sikhs.educate their kids and help them with medical needs

    Ikbal Kaur: Manjit Samra very true.


    Jeet Grewal: Do we actually need another gurdwara ?

    Jeet Grewal: Everyone wants to run their own Gurudwaras nowadays but take a look at some of the existing ones that are run down !

    DrCharanjit Kaur: What’s the population of Sikhs at Putrajaya? Is the gurd meant for pegawai krjn for morning and evening prayers? When asked to the youths 2 yrs ago ‘do we need a new gurd?’ at seminar, some felt threatened. Why not MEMPERKASAKAN the existing gurdwaras? Most gurd are empty and gurd failed in highlighting socio-economy issues faced by many middle n lower class Punjabi. Kindly be more proactive like the Chinese society by providing funds for research. Lacking betul.

    Harvinder Singh: I remember there was a survey done and majority, said don’t put up the gurdwara. Now in twist of events they want to go ahead. Same story with gurdwara sahib cheras, do we really need it.

    Prit Thind: agree with most comments…. sanggat already feel that more gurdwaras are not required… instead, please invest in skills building of the community n overall welfare!

    Sunny Aulukh: That money u all spending on gurdwaras do v realy need a nother gurdwara spend the money on u r kids who realy need for education pls look in to it🙏

    Manjit Singh: What is the Sikh population of PUTRAJAYA? Is it justified?

    Manjit Kaur: No point venting .. No one will listen everyone want to be champions building gurdwaras..and want to held positions in the gurdwaras with their own rules . Ego is much higher than the gurdwara building. Well one more coming up in Cheras . Cheers

    Manjit Singh Saini: Not many Sikhs around. Need to bring in more fr india. What’s purpose of it anyway as Sikhs rare in Putrajaya?

    Pirthipal Singh: Mahja Jatt Gurdwaras are a like a business nowadays. No money no talk

    Ringo Dhanoa: After all,how far is puchong gurdwara from putrajaya,they can always go there isn’t it.so please do consider.

    Billy Badshah: In my opinion is simple what happens to fund colected every sunday program.The best is finance our sikhs kids educations,finance sikhs daughters for their marriages,also finance any kind disaster happen in malaysia and overseas.In Malaysia we just have many Gurudwaras, maintenance n sewadar are very less.

    Kamini Pall: Too many gurdwaras already.

    Sarjit Singh: With all this comments are you still planning to build. Well if you do. Good. There will one Sikh how will keep his faith in a small town gurdwara

    Sharinder Kaur Sandhu: Too many gurdwaras. Instead use the amount for a better purpose. Also possible work on getting PH for Vasakhi overall

    Sanjeevraj Singh: These days gurdwara are being used as place for politics purpose… All wants to play politics sad!

    Karmi Vinder Sandhu: Since the Gurdwara is going to be built for tourist attraction.. Then I suggest why don’t you build one Gurdwara in Langkawi island as well?


    Jit Singh Right, just too many gurudwaras The real beneficiaries are the paid sevadhars. I understand that more than half of revenue goes into their remuneration and the rest into maintenance and sinking fund.

    We need Sikhi Centers with a wholesome activities very much needed to gel the community, educate them, make them healthier, enhance skills, etc.


    Ikbal Kaur Jit Singh you are 100% right. As it is, Sikh youths hardly go to gurduwaras nowadays. What is going to happen to these buildings in the future? This money should be used to educate our Sikh community – offer scholarships to deserving Sikh youths for further studies. Or have Sikh centres where Sikh youth can get together & carry out Sikh related activities as there are a lot of Sikh youths who are leaving the Sikh faith nowadays. We need to guide them back to our Guru’s path.


    Harvinder Kaur Really? The existing ones hardly draw any crowd these days and they are building more? Why don’t they use the same fund to help the needy Sikhs? Christians attract Sikhs by offering them financial help and helping them during their trying times. This is sad but true. We then end up losing a number of Sikhs to their faith because they stood by these people when they needed them most. Please….channel your resources to something more meaningful. Reach out to the needy. Charity begins at your very own home. After all, we have a sufficient number of Gurdwaras in the country already.


    Prem Jit Harvinder Kaur: very true..agree..🙏🙏


    Parveen Sidhu: Instead of making another gurdwara use the money to educate our punjabi kids by giving them scholarships to get into university . Help those poor Punjabi families that need help.


    Hardave Singh: Parveen Sidhu very well said,hats off to you👏🏻👏🏻

    Murinder Kaur Indie: Parveen Sidhu you are right makes more sense

    Surinder Kaur: Absolutely

    Rupy Gill Parveen Sidhu: agreed

    Rajvansh Kaur Sandhu: Parveen Sidhu agreed