Subang Sikhs host buka puasa at Sunway police station

Subang gurdwara organise breaking fast for men and women in uniform hard at work at a police station at Bandar Sunway

Subang Sikhs organise buka puasa at the Sunway police station – Photo: Supplied
By Asia Samachar | MALAYSIA |

When the police and the Sikh community came together. A fortnight ago, the Subang gurdwara organised a buka puasa (breaking fast) for the men and women hard at work at a police station at Bandar Sunway in Subang Jaya, Selangor. The officer in charge at the police station is ASP Sulaiman Baputty. The Gurdwara Sahib Subang held the event in appreciation of the continuous support of the men and women in uniform.



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  1. To the Editor: Just noticed you deleted part of my comment.In the future if you will not publish my full comment then don’t publish the comment at all.I don’t want my comments to be misconstrued or misunderstood by any party. I understand it’s your site and you have the right to publish whatever you want. I’d like to reiterate my stand that anyone that is obsessed with “buka puasa” events should themselves go get circumcised so they can enjoy it for 30 days every year!
    P.S: The word “fuddu” is not an expletive. It’s a slang version of the word “buddhu” which means stupid,foolish,ignorant etc. I find it not wrong at all to call a spade a spade.

  2. Whats this disgusting obsession with Sikhs and buka puasa events? What a cheap pathetic way to virtue signal when these same people are totally Useless to their own Sikh community. Charity starts at home!

    Thousands are already converting or marrying outside the religion.These xxxxx are hastening the process by confusing our young with all this nonsense!

    Do a religious outreach program instead for your own Sikh youths who desperately need guidance at this moment.The results will be a thousand times more rewarding than these stunts.

    [Editor’s note: Comment edited, with expletives deleted. In future, entire comment will be deleted if it sill carries expletives]