Kampar-lad returns to alma mater as principal

Hardave Singh Virk Returns to Alma Mater as Principal  of SMK Methodist ACS Kampar

Hardave Singh Virk
By Naginder Kaur MALAYSIA |

It was a gratifying moment for Hardave Singh Virk when he received the letter of appointment to helm the highest leadership position of his alma mater, SMK Methodist ACS Kampar, effective 2 January 2020. He has been the acting principal of the school since May 2019.

The appointment is especially meaningful and strikes a chord as he received 11 years of his primary and secondary school education at SMK Methodist ACS Kampar, together with his six male siblings.

A missionary school founded in April 1903, it is one of the oldest and most storied schools in Perak.

Hence, it’s only fitting to return the nurturing he had received at his alma mater.

A graduate of Bachelor of Arts from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Penang, and Master of Malay Language from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), he has also acquired the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) at Institut Aminuddin Baki (IAB).

Hardave has accumulated 30 years of teaching experience under his belt and has established a reputation as a revered Bahasa Melayu teacher. He started his teaching career in Lubok Antu, Sarawak in 1989, and returned to SMK Methodist ACS Kampar in 1998, where he has faithfully served for nearly two decades with intermittent postings at other schools in Kampar to assume Assistant Principal duties.

Hardave views his appointment as a blessing from Waheguru Ji to shoulder the heavy responsibility to lead his alma mater. He owes appreciation to the ACS Board of Governors for investing faith and confidence in him to carry out this mandate as well as appreciates the unending support he has received from his wife Saranjit Kaur, also a teacher, and his family.

As a booster for the Punjabi community, he wishes to inspire others in the community to join the ‘noble’ teaching profession and become a trailblazer in their own way.

With a steady decline in the number of Punjabi teachers over the years, it is hoped the recognition will continue to empower the younger generation intending to join the education fraternity.

As an original Kampar lad, Hardave is the son of the late Tanah Singh Virk and the late Ajmer Kaur of Kampar, Perak, and the younger brother of Bukit Aman Narcotics CID (Property Forfeiture) Principal Assistant Director SAC Dalbir Singh Virk.


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