A man who lacks knowledge of history is as good to the world as the dead. That's the message in this poem by Kamalpreet Kaur Sabrah from Hong Kong

| Opinion | 6 March 2017 | Asia Samachar

By Kamalpreet Kaur Sabrah

A man who lacks knowledge of history is as good to the world as the dead. History, that since the beginning of time, has been there to offer many lessons. The Sikhs too have a rich history bustling with passion for freedom, truth and humanity. With that, the Sikh culture in terms of domestic lifestyles, is largely influenced by the Indian culture, reason being that the majority of Sikhs reside there. However, the two are not to be mistaken as parallel or as two branches of the same tree.

Sadly, despite the fact that the Sikhs’ treasure of history loaded with thousands of gems of martyrdoms, today’s youth grows detached from the Guru, the congregation, and hence the Sikh way of life. This is mainly owing to the continuous portrayal of Sikhs as followers of Indian culture through manipulation of ancient historical reference books, the distribution of misleading literature under the label of “Sikh history” and the widely accepted concept being Sikh means you can practice the Punjabi culture.  The poem weeps such loss.



The history of aeons and pre, lost.

Leaving but a speck…


Today her children run

Night clubs, bars and vice-deeds,

They seek peace.


Alas! Life is hectic!

A race! A competition!

Live they, as though

They know

best still.



A game of balance

Of acceptance and of



Reconnecting to roots

One learns.

Useless, vicious and mundane


every man yearns.


Learn from Ancestors.


Grasp tightly ’till

your knuckles turn white

The lessons from history


Of the wrath of

wretched intentions- innocent blood spilled,

Entire countries at



Of self-centred mindsets

Hinder which


ripples of evolution.


Of the plethora of martyrdoms

For YOUR betterment,

For YOUR freedom.


God bless our nation,

Our generation.


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He’s now Lt-Col Kamal Singh Kalsi (Asia Samachar, 5 Feb 2017)


  1. It is more fhan tragic that goons aspiring ti be the 12Th Guru of Sikhs in Malaysia,and his dwarf assistant -little man are deviously msileading the youth from the rich history and Guru Granth with fake hukamnanas, false claims with full cream lies unimaginable thinking that they can eradicate the truth and true history of Sikhs with such rubbish of a sex manuel,than they live the life of lies .

    These sane people and theur asouring guru were hiding wearing frocks in malaysia,delhi and the punjab in 1984 as thousands of Sikhs were being burned ,but now they became heros to knock off the turban of a sikh parcharak of whom they are afraid of exposing the lies of evil nadty guru patnaar sinh.

    Distorting history and every thing sikhi is their benchmark.

    Sad,misled youth wasting theur energy,by this rotten evil man and the dwarf